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The Closing Ceremony of 2015 GDUFS Sports Meeting

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The Closing Ceremony of the GDUFS Sports Meeting was held on November 14th, marking the talent and effort of all athletes. Undoubtedly, the sports meeting was a huge success. Those students who participated in the games were competitive and enjoyed themselves very much.


During the ceremony, LU Jinghui, Vice Chairman of University Board of GDUFS, delivered an enthusiastic speech. He spoke highly of the great success of the Sports Meeting and showed respect for the athletes. 1268 students and teachers gathered together and athletes struggled for the first prize, which was reminiscent of the spirit of the Olympic Games: Higher, Faster and Stronger. He mentioned that life exists in exercise, hoping all students would take advantage of such an opportunity to build up their bodies. He said each student should hold such spirit in the future, in order to be a competitive internationalized talent.


LU Jinghui delivering a speech


According to the results announced by LI Wubin, Secretary of Party General Branch of the PE Department, students from eight schools received the PE Morality Award, including the Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture; Faculty of English Language and Culture; School of English for International Business; School of Economics and Trade; School of Accounting; School of Journalism and Communication; School of Finance, and Faculty of European languages and Cultures. As for the total scores, the School of Economics and Trade ranked the first with 287 points. The second and the third were the School of English for International Business and School of Finance respectively.


LU Jinghui gave awards to student representatives


LIN Shaona presented PE Morality Award


What’s more, the evaluation of “Healthy Stars” was carried out for the first time at GDUFS Sports Meeting to promote a healthy lifestyle and enrich the culture in the university. Six students were lucky enough to win the honor by means of voting through WeChat. More than 20,000 people participated in the evaluation.


Students of academic departments were excited and cheerful. Some of them even ran along the lap to express their happiness. The flags of all schools blew in the wind.


Chinese Report:  经贸学院勇夺2015年校运会第一