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Winter Long-distance Running of Sunshine Sports Held at GDUFS

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From November 27th to November 29th, the Winter Long-distance Running of 2015 Guangdong Province Sunshine Sports and the Athletics Championships of College Students in Guangdong Province was held on the south campus of GDUFS. It was sponsored by the Education Department of Guangdong Province. There were 1208 athletes, from 67 universities, competing in the race. They enjoyed running and sweated on the playground.


The Opening Ceremony


The Opening Ceremony: Running for Our Youth, that is What We are Shouting For


LU Jinghui Speaking


On the morning of November 27th, the opening ceremony of 2015 winter long-distance running of sunshine sports in Guangdong Province was held. LU Jinghui, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of GDUFS, delivered a welcome speech. He stated that such an activity helped promote the physical and mental health development of college students. He encouraged students and teachers to fully appreciate the winter long-distance running race and take part in it with high spirits. Then, XU Shuxiang, Division Chief of Physical Education, Health and Art Division of Guangdong Provincial Education Department, announced the beginning of the race. With dynamic music, each team started running. Teams were in different colors to represent their universities. They lit the passion of the race.


Hou Bo, Deputy Division Chief of Physical Education, Health and Art Division of Guangdong Provincial Education Department; LI Xuwu, Secretary of Party General Branch of Physical Education Department of GDUFS; LIN SHaona, Director of the Physical Education Department, also attended the ceremony.




Wonderful Moments


The Athletics Championships: Fight for Honor, Which We Are Proud of


After the ceremony, the athletics championships began. Teams from South China Normal University and South China University of Technology won in the second group. In addition, Shunde Polytechnic ranked the first in the third group with 186 points. South China University of Technology also won in the first group with 187 points and GDUFS ranked the third in the total team scores.


HUANG Huali, Vice President of Student Union of Physical Education and Art in Guangdong Province, Deputy Division Chief HOU, Director LIN and YANG Aimin, Vice president of GDUFS, presented awards to winners.


Vice President YANG Giving awards


    After the award ceremony, students and teachers from different universities were still very excited. They raised their university flags and trophies to show their happiness. A senior of GDUFS said, “You can’t imagine that all of us hadn’t practiced together before. When we heard we won the 400-meter relay race, we couldn’t believe we made it.” When asked about the feeling of taking part in the races at GDUFS, a student from South China University of Technology said that what impressed him most was its ability of organizing big events. “The staff were efficient.” He praised.


The athletics championship was a huge success. Athletes who struggled for the first prize touched and inspired us. Our youth will be wonderful for sports!


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