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The Logo and the Motto

The Logo and the Motto

The Logo

The GDUFS Logo is designed to reflect the motto of the University. Like a globe at its core, the upper half symbolizes the University’s educational philosophy of global vision while the lower half in the shape of the letter W represents both the two Chinese words for “foreign” in Waiyu Waimao (or “foreign languages, foreign trade” in the University’s Chinese name) and the first letter for “world”, which indicates its educational goal of producing graduates with internationally marketable credentials. The letter also looks like an opened book or a flying bird with spread wings, symbolizing the students’ quest for knowledge and their great promise.

On the circular outer ring is printed the Chinese and English names of the University, with the upper part for the Chinese in Mao Tse-tung’s calligraphic style and the lower part for the English in block letters.

With its primarily medium blue in the white pattern, the logo looks neat and brisk, implying the spirit of academic freedom and independence. The university names are in visually attractive red to signify passion, wisdom and vitality.


The Motto

The Motto of the University is “明德尚行 学贯中西” (mingde shangxing, xueguan zhongxi) in Chinese. Its English version is Pursuit of Integrity, Practice and Cross-cultural Learning.