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2015 GDUFS Sports Meeting was Held Successfully

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On November 13th, 2015, with a dynamic melody running around the playground on the north campus, the 2015 GDUFS Sports Meeting was held in feverish anticipation – in spite of the chilly gusts of wind and the unrelenting wall of rain. Students as well as teaching and administrative staff from both south and north campuses gathered together, and welcomed a series of sporting events in high spirits.


Then a rifle shot cracked out; the Sunny Long-distance Running was held as scheduled. Led by Vice Presidents of GDUFS, Liu Jianda and Liu Haichun, several phalanxes, each made up of the representatives of staff and students from different faculties, advanced along the playground racetrack and finally stopped on the central lawn. After a brief silence, the flag raising ceremony began, fluttering the national flag together with the school flag of GDUFS.



Stuednts participating in "Sunny Long-distance Running"


The opening speech was delivered by Vice President Liu Jianda, who clarified the advantages of carrying out sports activities, saying that sports not only enriched staff and students’ leisure life, but also improved their well-being and spiritual outlook. According to him, the playground was an excellent stage, where GDUFSers could show outstanding talents and volitional quality. He expressed his hope that all the athletes had an exceptional performance under fair judgement, receiving warm applause.


After the representatives of all athletes and referees made a pledge that they would spare no efforts to perfect the Sports Meeting, SUI Guangjun, Chairman of University Board, announced the start of the 2015 GDUFS Sports Meeting.


To celebrate the opening of the Sports Meeting, dance team Greenfairy, UC and TGC presented a wonderful dance to the audience. Dancers of Greenfairy started their show with enthusiastic cha-chas, after which they adjusted their formation and their steps according to various music. Then UC, TGC and students from the School of Accounting and School of Legal Studies also gave an excellent performance of hip-hop, poppin, etc., which showed the youthful vigor of GDUFers.



Dancing Team giving wonderful performances


Because of the bad weather, the committee decided to cancel the massive square dance, which would’ve been performed by approximately 700 students.


Although it was spitting and blowing, the Sports Meeting belonging to students and teaching and administrative staff still carried on enthusiastically. Applause from the audience heated the Sports Meeting, and even the whole campus.


Chinese Report:  风雨中“阳光长跑” 领跑校运会