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GDUFS Run; Fun and Meaningful

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On the afternoon of May 28th, a GDUFS Run took place on both campuses of the university wherein a number of students ran in groups around the campus. The aim was to encourage school members to exercise more and to live a healthy lifestyle.


Among a series of activities, as a prelude to the 50th school anniversary, the GDUFS Run was organized by the school sports department, the Youth League and the Student Union. Nearly 1000 teachers and students participated in the activity, running with their fellows as a group, following a route that passed the teaching buildings, the library, the culture square, the sports stadiums and lecture halls. “Don’t give up, you can make it!” Exhausted as they were, the runners encouraged each other and persisted to complete the 2-mile run in the hot weather. One participant says, “Although it was tiring, it was so much fun too. I never felt this school was so big before.”


Running around the school (the north campus)


Running around the school (the south campus)


After the round-school run, the organizers hosted a sports carnival where students and faculty played a variety of games such as “tear brand names”, a game that caught on because of the Chinese TV reality show Running Man, which required lots of running and teamwork.


The GDUFS Run ended in laughter. It not only brought fun to participants, but also enabled them to enjoy the charm of sports and, most of all, served as a bond that connected the whole school.