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Three Generations from SEIB Gathered at GDUFS

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of GDUFS, the sharing “Stories of Business English and I--Three Generations Talk about GDUFS” was held at Yun Shan Hub on afternoon of October 30th, which allowed Business English students to learn more about the historical stories of their major. Retired teachers including HUANG Weixin, GONG Huaji, distinguished representatives of alumni and students of Business English participated in the sharing, separately representing three generations who witnessed the establishment and development of Business English at GDUFS. They shared details between not only GDUFS, but also Business English and themselves. Party Committee Secretary of SEIB, CHE Xiaozhen; Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, ZHANG Linmao and so on, also participated in the sharing.

The Sharing

Started from Scratch, from Week to Strong

“It started from scratch, from small to large, from week to strong.” HUANG Weixin summed up the first generation’s Business English like that. As one of the first batch of students, Mr.Huang recalled the vivid experience at GDUFS. They made full use of the advantages of the English Faculty and the professional knowledge of business, laws and international trade. In order to transform the simple study of English into one that could better adapt to the society, they established Business English in argument. It was a great success.Mr. Huang showed his student card, which was preserved well. He felt very proud of being a Business English student and senior.

The First Generation Talked about Their Experience

As one of the founders of Business English, the former Dean, GONG Huaji, said in the beginning, there were difficulties and arguments. However, the mode of Business English was wildly admired, which proved that such mode of fostering compound talents was remarkable. Teacher LIU Yiting recalled his hard but fulfilled experience of working as the Vice Dean of the Faculty. The teachers spared no effort to teach students, keeping courageous and holding together tightly. It was their hard work that greatly improved the educational quality of Business English and finally gained success. The first Party Committee Secretary of SEIB, WANG Changjiang, said that a good herb contributes to a good medicine. Despite hardships at the beginning, the mode still attracted lots of excellent students, giving inexhaustible energy to the development of Business English. When the 73-year-old teacher, CAI Xingqi, was talking about his experience, he said he could still work though he was old, humorously expressing the old generation’s wishes that they were still devoted to the development of Business English.

Link Future with Past, Feel Grateful and Struggle

As one of the second generation, when LI Honghui, a 1989 alumnus, talked about his stories, he expressed gratitude towards his teachers at first. He pointed out it was deep but strict love of the teachers that laid down a solid foundation of both language and business. That made them outstanding in their careers. OUYANG Qiuqun, a former mentor, concluded Business English students were diligent, autonomic and hardheaded. She said these three points were the basis of their success. She hoped students could push themselves to enrich their college life in these ways. HUANG Yixuan, a 2004 alumnus, began her discussion with professional characteristics, cultural inheritance and her four-year experience. She explained Business English students were persistent, innovative, professional and grateful. She gave thanks to Business English, for it brought her a unique four-year college life.

The Second Generation Thanked for Being Fostered

Hundreds of Business English Students Are Here

As one of the young generation, WANG Kanghui, the national scholarship winner and 2013 alumnus, also shared her experience of nearly three years. She concluded that hundreds of Business English students were ready to help promote its development. She thought she had grown up much in the past two years. She had pursued the goal to learn more about what she really wanted, and had learned more about the world. She said there would be thousands of, even millions of, Business English students in the future. She took pride in majoring in Business English.

At last, CHE Xiaozhen, on behalf of SEIB, expressed great gratitude to the old generation who made a great contribution to the establishment and development of Business English. She stressed the importance of enabling students to inherit the spirit of daring to be the first, and the culture of constantly striving for excellence. She said it was not easy to maintain such a spirit during that period. She hoped the young generation could keep that in mind with a sense of social responsibility. They should be hardheaded, improve their quality, make an overall development, and then devote themselves to the development of GDUFS and Business English.

Photo of Three Generations