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1965 Alumni gathered at GDUFS for 50th Anniversary

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To express gratitude and give respect to the alumni who made a great contribution to the development of GDUFS, a special anniversary meeting was held for 1965 alumni at the Teaching Building Seven on November 7th. President ZHONG Weihe and LU Jinhui, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of GDUFS, attended the meeting.

Before the alumni went into the Teaching Building Seven, baccalaureate gowns were prepared for them. They put them on and took a group photo with President ZHONG. Their happiness and excitement was obvious.

group photo


At the meeting, LU Dazheng, who majored in French, delivered an enthusiastic speech on behalf of the 1965 alumni. He still wore the baccalaureate gown with the school badge on the chest, which had been preserved for 50 years. He said the school badge may not look good, but it was his emotional sustenance. “We feel very proud of the great changes and success of GDUFS”, he said. He recalled the vivid experience: “At that time, some of us even did not have a pair of shoes or a watch, but we just worked hard with our dreams and responsibilities.” He stressed that they were the witnesses of the development of GDUFS, which they took great pride in. “How eager we are to go back to our classroom!” He said excitedly.


LUO Kequn recalling the past

LUO Kequn, the representative of teachers, said he was so happy to see the 1965 alumni gather at GDUFS. He was deeply touched by such a strong relationship between teachers and students. “We are more like friends than students and teachers.” He concluded like that, hoping the alumni live a happy life.


LU Dazheng presenting gifts 

Then a special gift was given by LU Dazheng, representing the 1965 alumni, to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It was a scroll written by a famous calligrapher, sending the best wishes to GDUFS.


President presenting certificates of the 50th anniversary to the alumi

President ZHONG said that the most important guests were undoubtedly the 1965 alumni, for they broke the new ground in education. He said he would never forget the time when teachers and students struggled for life and success in academia. The 1965 alumni are the most important participators in the development of GDUFS. Now there are eight faculties with distinctive features of internationalization. The number of majors has increased from four to 64. What’s more, there are about 24,000 students studying at GDUFS. He said that what the 1965 alumni left at GDUFS was spiritual wealth: encouraging students to dare to be the first and hold on to their dreams. “It is of great significance to us that you have time to come back to the university today.” President ZHONG promised that they won’t let the alumni down and that they would make GDUFS a more famous and successful university.

At the end of the meeting, every alumnus was presented with a certificate of the 50th anniversary, after which they took a group photo in memory of this moment.