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Students from GDUFS Won the Second Prize in ITALIACIAO

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As one of a series of activities held during the 2015 Italian Language and Culture Week, the second ITALIACIAO - a knowledge competition about Italian language and culture in which all Italian major students from the nation’s colleges and universities participated - was held in the Culture Office of the Italian Embassy in Beijing on October 24th. Wang Shuru, a junior of the Italian major at GDUFS, won the second prize.


Wang Shuru and her advisor, Gao Xiang


The competition was composed of two parts. One part was talent performing, and the other was a Q&A. The students who participated in the competition were from Italian majors of 13 institutions of higher education in the country. In the first part, Wang performed confidently, gaining unanimous recognition from the judges and warm applause of the audience. In the second part, Wang showed her abundant knowledge reserves of Italian culture, thus getting a high score. Taking the scores of the two parts into consideration, Wang finally ranked second place and won the second prize.


A photo of Wang, the judges and other competitors


During the competition, Wang and her advisor, Gao Xiang, were interviewed by a journalist from a TV station in Italy called RAI in Beijing. The journalist highly praised the performance of Wang Shuru.


Wang Shuru being interviewed by a journalist from RAI