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Chairwoman of the Legislative Duma of Khabarovsk Krai Visits GDUFS

Time:May 28, 2024  Author:SITS Translation Practice and Training Base  Editor:Xiao Man  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:

On May 22, Irina Zikunova, Chairwoman of the Legislative Duma of Khabarovsk Krai, along with her delegation, visited Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). Accompanying the delegation were Alexandr Chernousov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Guangzhou, and Chen Jiaquan, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress. GDUFS Vice President Jiao Fangtai welcomed the guests in the VIP Hall of the Administration Building on the Baiyun Mountain Campus. Both parties engaged in discussions on cultural exchange and talent cultivation.

 Meeting Scene

During the meeting, Jiao Fangtai provided a detailed introduction to the history and distinctive features of GDUFS. He emphasized that GDUFS, as a cradle of international talent in South China, holds significant influence in fields such as foreign languages and literature, global economic governance, foreign-related rule of law, and international communication of Chinese culture. The university is committed to promoting international exchange and cooperation and enhancing the internationalization of its faculty and students. It has collaborated with Ural Federal University in Russia in establishing a Confucius Institute. Jiao highlighted that Chairwoman Zikunova’s visit brings new opportunities for further cooperation between GDUFS and Russian universities. In the context of globalization, Jiao expressed hope for deeper academic and cultural exchanges and more contributions to the development of Sino-Russian education.

Chairwoman Zikunova highly praised GDUFS for its remarkable achievements in language education and expressed her deep affection for Chinese culture. She noted that Chinese culture is greatly appreciated by the people in Khabarovsk Krai. Zikunova expressed her eagerness to strengthen cooperation with GDUFS and foster educational exchanges and friendly relations between Russia and China, thereby enhancing the friendship between the two nations.


Group Photo

Following the meeting, the delegation visited the university’s History Museum. The students from the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures introduced the history of GDUFS in Russian.

Visiting the History Museum

In the Library Lecture Hall of the Baiyun Mountain Campus, Chairwoman Zikunova delivered an economics-themed lecture to about 200 students and faculty members from the Russian Department of the Faculty of European Languages & Cultures and the School of Economics and Trade. She delved into the methods and challenges of maintaining and strengthening national sovereignty from the perspectives of history, economy, politics, and international relations. During the Q&A session, Zikunova interacted actively with the students, who asked questions about future Sino-Russian cooperation, President Putin’s visit to China, Russia’s economic development strategies, and new highlights in Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation. Zikunova listened attentively and provided detailed answers, encouraging students to leverage their professional expertise to contribute to Sino-Russian cooperation. The lecture concluded with enthusiastic applause.


Lecture Scene

Directors from GDUFS’s Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, and School of Economics and Trade were present at the meeting.


Group Photo