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Vice President Vanessa Cyrilla Potter and a delegation from the University of Essex ( UK ) Visit GDUFS

Time:July 10, 2023  Author:SITS Translation Practice and Training Base  Editor:Yang Xin  Source:   Photo:

On the morning of June 26th, a delegation from the University of Essex, UK, led by Vice President Vanessa Cyrilla Potter, visited GDUFS. Jiao Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS met the guests at the Academic Exchange Center of GDUFS. The two sides exchanged views on talent development and deepening inter-university cooperation.

Scene of the meeting

Jiao Fangtai warmly welcomed Vanessa Potter and the delegation, and introduced the recent development, innovative talent developing models, and the international education features of GDUFS. He pointed out that both universities have a history of nearly twenty years of cooperation and have carried out extensive and fruitful collaborative projects in various disciplines. He expressed the hope that, based on the solid foundation of existing cooperation, the two universities would further innovate the cooperation model, explore new fields of cooperation, and continue to strengthen academic exchanges as well as faculty and student exchanges, in order to embark on a new journey together.

Vanessa Potter expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome from GDUFS, appreciated the achievements in internationalization, and expressed her joy in visiting GDUFS. She emphasized the importance of internationalization and expressed her expectation for future cooperation between the University of Essex and GDUFS. She hoped that, based on a solid foundation of friendship, both universities would summarize valuable experiences, explore the cooperation potential, and establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship.

Group photo