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GDUFS Polish Program Wins the “POLONICUM Award”

Time:December 21, 2022  Author:Yue Wenshuai  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

On November 21st, the University of Warsaw awarded the “2022 Polish Language and Culture International Communication Award” (the “POLONICUM Award”) to the Polish language program of GDUFS. The award was established by this university to recognize outstanding contributions to the dissemination of Polish language, literature, history, and culture worldwide. The panel of judges included the chancellor of the University of Warsaw, the President of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, the Minister of the Culture and National Heritage of Poland, and the Minister of Tertiary Education of Poland.

The certificate of the “POLONICUM Award” to the GDUFS

The award ceremony was held on November 21st in the Pałac Tyszkiewiczów-Potockich Palace at the University of Warsaw. The award ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr hab. Sambor Grucza (the Vice President of the University of Warsaw), Prof. Dr hab. Zbigniew Greń (the Dean of Polish Language and Culture Institute), Prof. Dr hab. Grzegorz Leszczyński (the Director of the Foreign Polish Teaching Center, the University of Warsaw), and other well-known experts and scholars in Polish culture and education.

In his speech at the award ceremony, the head of the University of Warsaw emphasized that the Polish language program at GDUFS is one of the most dynamic and competitive in Asia. The awarding of the “POLONICUM Award” to the Polish language program of GDUFS is an impressive recognition of the university’s outstanding achievements in education and the promotion of Polish language and culture. The University of Warsaw will continue cooperating with GDUFS in joint education, academy, and cultural communication.

The speech of the awarding guest at the ceremony

Mao Yinhui, the dean of the Center of Foreign Literature and Culture, the director of the Teaching and Research Center for Non-common Languages, and the head of Polish language program, was invited to deliver a speech at the ceremony online. Ms. Mao expressed her hope that the two universities would continue to cooperate in teaching, scientific research, and cultural exchange. She also summarized the achievements of the Polish language program of GDUFS in its discipline development, curriculum construction, personnel training, international cooperation, and cultural communication.

Ms. Mao’s online speech at the awarding ceremony

The University of Warsaw is known to be the top university in Poland. The "POLONICUM Award" is awarded in November annually during the University of Warsaw’s celebration. This prize was awarded to two Chinese scholars, Yi Lijun of Beijing Foreign Studies University (2008) and Yang Deyou of Shanxi University (2014), the leading Polish translator and a famous Polish literature translator in China.