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GDUFSers Produced Documentary “A Bite of Chaoshan” Now Released

Time:November 29, 2022  Author:吴雪莉  Editor:Kyle Muntz, 王梦羽  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, November 29th, 2022: Recently, "A Bite of Chaoshan" (Thai version) has been released on the China-Thailand news net of Sino-Thai Communications Group, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. It was produced by students from the Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures of GDUFS, translated by the Thai teacher Liao Yufu, and proofread and dubbed by the foreign teacher Suwasin Kasempiti. Until now, the "A Bite of Chaoshan" video series have been produced in Thai, Cantonese, Chaoshan dialect and English, and have been promoted through platforms such as WeChat Channels, Tik Tok, and Watermelon Video, with the Thai version receiving over 60,000 views on WeChat Channels.

During the 2022 summer vacation, led by Pan Xiangyu—deputy secretary of the Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures—members of the key provincial-level social practice team went to the city of Shantou to carry out field interviews and research activities. The slogan of the team is “Spreading Lingnan culture in multiple languages, discovering the Chaoshan flavor in people’s hearts.”

“A Bite of Chaoshan” focuses on Chaoshan cuisine. It explores the history and food culture of the hometown of many overseas Chinese in a bid to arouse nostalgia and patriotism in their hearts, emboldening the memory they have of their hometown to build an interactive platform of "food culture and kinship". In this way, it will help attract and rally overseas Chinese, and contribute to the economic development of the Chaoshan region.

Reported by China-Thailand news net

Frontpage report by Nanfang Plus