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GDUFS Started the Vaccination Work

Time:April 30, 2021  Author:WANG Aurora  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:   Photo:From GDUFS News Website

In order to maintain control of the epidemic prevention, build a strong immune barrier against the virus, and ensure the health and safety of teachers and students, according to the overall development plan of the epidemic prevention and control work leadership group, GDUFS carried out teacher and student vaccinations in batches. On April 24, the first batch of COVID-19 vaccinations started officially at the north campus gymnasium. The medical team from the Baiyun Branch of Nanfang Hospital came to GDUFS and completed 2,900 doses of vaccinations on the first day. HE Chuantian and JIAO Fangtai, vice presidents of GDUFS, visited the vaccination site to inspect the work. GDUFS organized the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, the School of English for International Business, as well as teachers and students who come from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to participate in the vaccination.

The Vaccination Site

The teachers and students who were going to be vaccinated came to the gymnasium early to wait in line in an orderly manner. The vaccination site was divided into different areas. The vaccination points were set up scientifically and humanely to improve the efficiency of vaccination. After the vaccination personnel entered the site, they waited for the vaccination after checking the temperature and scanning the code to register.

Queuing orderly in the vaccination area

The party committee of GDUFS attached great importance to the vaccination work. SUI Guangjun, the secretary of the party committee of GDUFS, required all departments to work together to coordinate both  teachers and students to ensure the solid progress of vaccination. To this end, GDUFS held several coordination meetings. SHI Youqi, president of GDUFS, negotiated with the Huangshi Street Party Working Committee. With the full cooperation of relevant departments, GDUFS completed all the tasks and ensured the orderly progress of vaccination work. GDUFS also formed a vanguard team of teachers and party members and arranged student volunteer teams to help with the vaccination work.

Guidance of the volunteers in the vaccination area

Roni, a Bangladeshi teacher at GDUFS, and his wife had been living in China for ten years. They came to wait early and expressed that getting vaccinated is of great necessary and protecting themselves is protecting others during the epidemic. Mariana, a Brazilian teacher, and her husband Diego George, used a camera to record the moment of getting vaccinated. She said that the feeling of getting vaccinated was great and it was a meaningful and great memory worth recording with a camera. Huang, a student from the School of English for International Business, said that the service of the volunteers was great, and getting vaccinated actively is a way to protect themselves and to contribute to building an immune barrier for all the people. Fang, a volunteer student from the School of English for International Business, said that this volunteer activity was very meaningful and helped him grow in the process of serving others. It is reported that since the new virus vaccination work started, GDUFS has announced related policies and scientific knowledge of vaccination through the campus website, the official microblog, and other publicity platforms, guiding teachers and students to establish correct and scientific vaccination concepts.

Foreign teachers entered the vaccination site

Fill in the information in the registration area

Preparations for vaccination

Getting vaccinated

Scan code in observation area