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Education Officer of South Korea Embassy Visited GDUFS

Time:April 16, 2021  Author:WU Shirley  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:   Photo:From GDUFS News Website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, April 14th, 2021: SON SANGHO, education officer of the Embassy of South Korea in China, together with his delegation, visited GDUFS’s north campus on the morning of April 11th. They were greeted by JIAO Fangtai, vice president of GDUFS, at the VIP Guest Room of the Executive Building. A meeting was held to deepen the cooperative exchanges between both sides with respect to education and international testing.

The Meeting

JIAO welcomed the delegation and introduced GDUFS, whose Korean major was among the first to be certified as a national first-class major, holding a significant place in South China and even nationwide. Adhering to its international characteristics, GDUFS puts a strong emphasis on globalized education and has built a cooperative relationship with 475 universities and institutions, about 40 of which are in South Korea. In addition to that, GDUFS launched a “CAMPUS Asia” program with Dongseo University, having made great progress. With regard to undertaking and promoting proficiency tests on the Korean language, GDUFS has been strongly supported by the Ministry of Education since the first test center was established. There are 58408 examinees who have taken the test, to date. This time GDUFS held 4699 examinees, the largest number nationwide. JIAO looks forward to more contact with the Embassy of South Korea in China, and a fruitful outcome in cultural exchange and cooperative education between the two countries.

SON SANGHO, who credited the quality of Korean language teaching at GDUFS, spoke highly of the well-organized Korean language proficiency test during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the South Korean Embassy will continue to pay close attention to the development of the GDUFS Korean major, and offer as much assistance and support as it can. He expects a promising future of educational cooperation between China and South Korea, closer communication, and common development in the education of both countries.

Group Photo

Representatives of the Guangwai Testing Center; the Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures; the Teaching & Research Centre for Less Commonly Taught Languages; and the International Office also attended the meeting.