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Spring at GDUFS

Time:March 27, 2021  Author:ZHENG Zoe  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:original content   Photo:ZHENG Zoe

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 24th 2021: With the back-to-school season underway, GDUFS is coming alive. Once again, the campus is bustling with excitement after a long winter sleep, greeting a world of vigorous students back to their campus.

Students back on campus

A blossoming spring. Early March, warm gentle spring rains had brought their message. They moistened and softened the hard clod of the soil, flowing into the deep core of the earth, awakening the sleepy insects and warming up the cold-stricken tree roots. The rustling sound of leaves filled the air, echoing with the hymn of the drizzle. The voice of the trunks thickened. Flowers budded. Suddenly, GDUFS was turned into an artist’s palette, toyed with mischievously. It was time. The artist sprinkled the campus with shining colors and beautiful ornaments, giving rise to a natural miracle.

Flowers in full bloom

Strolling down the tree-lined path beside the XiangSi River, a few miles from the library, students of GDUFS instantly found themselves fascinated by the amazing scenery. Glossy green leaves and pink pedals danced and whirled in the spring breeze, leaving their footprints all over the ground. Dewdrops were like naughty children fleeing from the shield of the mother trees, sparkling in the morning sun, carving their names into every inch of the land. In a sea of flowers, the normally unremarkable trees were now no difference from brides at their weddings, with garlands of pink petals on their heads. They were, to say the least, the messengers of nature.


Students swarmed in with ecstasy. Each one of them held a camera or smart-phone, posing for pictures, trying to get a hold of this endlessly romantic beauty. Many considered the full blossom a sign of good luck, indicating a good start for the new semester. But rather than a mere blessing for work and study, it predicts something more fundamental. This is arguably the first enjoyable spring ever since the outbreak of coronavirus. People can now participate in open-air activities and admire the stunning beauty of nature in the flesh, instead of rotting away their days in boredom or quenching thirst by means of electronic devices. The arrival of spring not only makes broken heart brims over with hope, but also heals bleeding wounds, elevating the spirit and awakening people’s pride and confidence.

Shelley once said: if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Now that spring has arrived, all the more reason to believe in hope and good luck. People have come a long way from a disastrous beginning. Now it’s the time to reap the harvest of our work.

Flowers on campus

Now, buck up, bracing yourself with the challenges of new semester. It’s adventure time for GDUFSers! Have a happy school year!