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Foreign Teachers in GDUFS Launch an Activity of Theme Punch

Time:January 7, 2021  Author:  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

On December 30, the 2020 Seminar on the education of foreign teachers, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan teachers (hereinafter referred to as “foreign teachers”) was held in the newly-built foreign teachers’activity room of the “The Foreign Teachers’ Home” on the first floor of the foreign experts building in the north campus. Jiao Fangtai, vice president of our school, delivered a speech. At the meeting, the activity themed “welcoming the new year and striving together to build a high quality internationalized university” was launched.

Jiao Fangtai and ForeignTeacher Stephen James Rake

Jiao Fangtai said that 2020 is an unusual year, and also a year of extraordinary significance.This year, all foreign teachers actively cooperated with school to help fight the epidemic, resolutely implemented the working principle of “no suspension of classes”. They overcame the difficulties of time difference, long distance, and poor network quality; quickly learned methods for online teaching; capably carried out a wide range of teaching and scientific research; completed teaching and scientific research tasks; and obtained the consensus and praises of teachers and students. Jiao also affirmed the outstanding contribution of  foreign teachers to the construction of GDUFS.

The representative of foreign teachers, Stephen James rake of the Institute of advanced translation and Maria Magdalena of the Institute of western languages, shared their story of growing up together with Guangwai. Stephen reviewed his work and life in GDUFS over the years, and shared the changes and progress of the school in his eyes. He mentioned that the foreign teachers often got together, sometimes even brought their families to greet each other. The foreign teachers’home has been a warm and comfortable communication space for them. Maria Magdalena shared what she had seen and heard over the past few months. She believed that GDUFS was the most harmonious place she had ever been. She also encouraged everyone to discover the beauty of GDUFS.

In order to welcome the arrival of new year and help aid the progress of GDUFS, all foreign teachers did their best to contribute to the event. Foreign teachers would take photos and shared them on social media to help promote the event. They expressed their support for GDUFS by clocking in and working together to seek the development plans of GDUFS.

The meeting was hosted by Ke Xiaohua, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and attended by some of the directors of the off-campus education; the apartment center of the logistics office; and all the staff of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office. At the meeting, everyone spoke freely, communicated sincerely, and shared their life and work at GDUFS. The foreign teachers expressed their gratitude to school for its careful preparation and thoughtful arrangement, which made them feel the warmth of GDUFS whole heartedly. They will turn this gratitude into action and continue to contribute to the construction of high quality internationalized university.

Group photo