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Consul General of Israel Visit GDUFS

Time:January 12, 2021  Author:  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, January 11th, 2021: Consul General of Israel, Peleg Lewi, and his delegation visited GDUFS’ north campus on the morning of January 8th. They were greeted by JIAO Fangtai, vice-president of GDUFS, at the VIP Guest Room of the Executive Building.

JIAO welcomed the delegation and introduced GDUFS as an university with strong international characteristics dedicated to cultivate elites students with a global vision. It has 28 faculties of foreign language, beingt he largest in the south China area. Currently, GDUFS has built a cooperative relationship with higher educational institutions in Israel such as the University of Haifa, and the recruiting for the Hebrew major is going to launch this September. With the aiming of building and innovating the program for Hebrew majors, the collaboration is meant to furthering innovation in high-tech and cultural fields, as well as furthering cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture.

Lewi related the history of Hebrew, and agreed on the benefits of helping Chinese students to understand Israel’s culture by building a Hebrew major at GDUFS. He gave credit to GDUFS for its important role in breaking language barriers and establishing a better communication for China with different cultures. Additionally, since many Israeli colleges offer a Chinese major, he believes these educational exchanges have a vast potential. The Israel Consul will help GDUFS with building the faculty of Hebrew language, and strengthening the friendship between everyone involved.

Group Photo

Representatives from International Office of GDUFS; the Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture; and the Faculty of Asian and African Studies (under preparation) also attended the meeting. The Consul General had a further discussion with representatives from FAAS afterwards.

Written by:TANG Lona

Photo by: From GDUFS News Website

Edited by: Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu