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The 19th Asian University Presidents Forum Held At GDUFS

Time:December 3, 2020  Author:  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, November 30th 2020:The opening ceremony of the 19thAsian University Presidents Forum (AUPF), hosted by GDUFS, took place both online and offline on November 30th. The theme of this forum was “the cooperation and development of Asian higher education under new circumstances”. Not only did this forum adopt online approaches, but it was the third time for GDUFS to host the forum. 46 colleges from 12 countries and regions like South Korean Dongseo University, Indonesian Petra Christian University, and Bangladesh Daffodil International University participated in the opening ceremony of this forum via the ZOOM platform, with approximately 200 people getting involved in it online and offline.

The forum in reality

Speakers included the deputy director of the Guangdong Department of Education, Zhu Chaohua; president of South Korean Dongseo University, Dr. Jekuk Chang; vice president of Thailand Bangkok University Board of directors Dr. Mathana Santiwat; president of Bangladesh Daffodil International University Dr.Md.Sabur Khan; and president of Philippine Normal University, Dr. Bert J. Tugal, adding up to 14 guests respectively.

Zhu Chaohua pointed out that education is fundamental for the development of a country over a period of 100 years. By establishing higher education that keeps pace with the times, opens itself to the world as well as collaborates and innovates, colleges in different countries strengthen collaboration and innovation, build academic community, jointly propel the construction of think tanks, and scientifically tackle vital global affairs. As the pioneer of Chinese reform, Guangdong constantly propels the opening-up of education, enhances top-level design, encourages cooperation in education programs, strengthens humane international exchanges, carries out effective international Chinese education, and supports colleges in Guangdong, constantly deepening the level of mutual collaboration and exchange in education.

Secretary of GDUFS Party Committee and chairman of the University Council, Sui Guangjun, said that, in this new era, how to effectively fulfill the “bridge” function of education is the focus of the forum as well as the original purpose of the foundation of the forum. Since its founding, the forum has witnessed the many significant achievements in Asian higher education development. As an internationally minded campus, GDUFS will constantly and actively propel international co-operation, making every effort to build the exchange platform with the secretary of Asian University Presidents Forum deeply participate in the process of the internationalization of higher education.

President of GDUFS Shi Youqi proposed a five-point initiative to integrate high-quality education resources and enhance collaborative development of Asian colleges community: to clearly acknowledge the rules and trends of the development of higher education, and build the community of Asian higher education; remember the principle of “ discuss, build and share”, throughly appealing to the “Silk Road” spirit of “be open and inclusive, learn and refer mutually”; enhance collaboration and positively innovate the development pattern of higher education; based on equal discussion and united collaboration, positively deepen the operative fields in higher education; on the premise of striving for perfection and win-win cooperation, positively improve the effect and quality of higher education. 

Launching ceremony

Vice president of GDUFS, Jiao Fangtai, hosted the opening ceremony, and officials from more than 10 colleges from home and abroad delivered their speech conveying their praise for holding this forum via an online platform during the pandemic, as well as the contributions this forum has made to the development of Asian higher education. At the background of the normalization of pandemic prevention and control work, it goes without saying that online education is essential, and the forum is beneficial to thinking about the future development of Asian colleges.


A screenshot from online platform

This forum will set a standing committee and three sub-forums. The standing committee will be launched on December 1st. Colleges taking part in the committee include Zhejiang Yuexiu College of Foreign Studies, South Korean Dongseo University, IndonesianPetra Christian University, Bangladesh Daffodil International University, Thailand Bangkok University, Chaoshan Vocational College, Philippine Normal University and GDUFS, discussing affairs about the host college of the next forum and celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the forum. The three sub-forums would be hosted by South Korean Dongseo University, IndonesianPetra Christian University and Bangladesh Daffodil International University, conducting seminars on three topics—the era of artificial intelligence: the revolution and development of Asian higher education;the era during and after the pandemic: the chance and challenge of Asian higher education; the university of the future: making the world a better place. This discussion was shared by 23 experts and scholars from different fields and colleges.

At the background of the prevention and control of the pandemic, this forum contemplates and explores the future development of Asian higher education. Through this forum, Asian colleges clarify the chances and challenges of Asian higher education during and after the pandemic and under the background of the era of artificial intelligence. The unity and collaboration of Asian colleges as well as the innovation of the education pattern during the pandemic promote the cooperation and development of education, making contributions to deepen the neighborly and friendly cooperation of Asian countries. Aiming to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for Asian colleges, this forum also boosts the construction of the Asian community. 

Group photo

It’s acknowledged that, since it was first held in 2002, the Asian University Presidents Forum has been successively held for 18 years, which has caused a strong impact on Asia, and even expanded to Europe, America and Australia, playing an important role in boosting the level of exchange between Asian colleges. The event has hosted more than 2000 representatives from 28 countries and regions during the course of 18 years.

Written by: Guan Suxin

Photo by:From GDUFS News Website

Edited by:Kyle Muntz, WANG Mengyu