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Consulate General of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou Visited Campus

Time:July 23, 2020  Author:Lona TANG  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, July 18th 2020: Mouhamadou El Bachir Diack, consulate general of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou visited GDUFS and was welcomed at VIP lounge on North Campus by vice-headmaster JIAO Fangtai on the morning of July 10th.

During the Meeting

JIAO welcomed Mr. Diack’s arrival. He began by saying that GDUFS is a university with distinctive international characteristics, and is an important base for training international talents and studying foreign culture and economics, as well as international strategies in southern China. GDUFS has always attached great importance to the internationalization of education, Africa-based research, and China-Africa cultural cooperation; it is also responsible for establishing up the first African research institute in South China. He hopes to strengthen academic cooperation and exchanges with Senegalese universities and institutions, facilitating the exchange between teachers and students. Additionally, JIAO introduced the epidemic prevention and control related work on campus

Diack mentioned the consulate has been closely connected with GDUFS for years, and expressed his gratitude to the African Research Institute for its efforts in cooperation in industrial and agricultural modernization. He said that Senegalese students and scholars have a strong desire to visit China for exchange and study, and looked forward to facilitating exchange visits between them in the two countries. Also, he praised the strict anti-epidemic procedures in place and anti-epidemic guidelines that put the safety of teachers and students at the very first.

Photos in Memorial

Representatives from International Cooperation and Exchange, Institute for International Education and Institute for African Studies at GDUFS also presented at the meeting.

After the meeting, Diack visited the Institute for International Education, learned about the history and status quo of the education for exchanging students, as well as the epidemic prevention materials offered to support for our international students. The Consul General expressed his appreciation for the studies and assistance provided to foreign students during the outbreak, and made suggestions on how to further promote the education of students studying in China, strengthen Chinese language training and promote bilateral student exchanges.