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GDUFS Celebrates 2020 Teachers’ Day

Time:September 16, 2020  Author:QIN Christine  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, September 14th 2020: On September 10th, all teaching staff gathered in Yunshan Hall to celebrate the 36th Teachers’ Day. A selection of 2019-2020 faculty were commended and given awards. SUI Guangjun, Chairman of the university board, and SHI Youqi, President of GDUFS, delivered speeches respectively. WANG Tinghui, Vice President, presided at the award ceremony. DIAO Zhenqiang and LI Yunming, Vice Chairmen of the university board; vice presidents LIU Jianda, HE Chuantian, LIU Haichun, CHEN Linhan as well as JIAO Fangtai, attended the ceremony. The audience consisted of approximately 600 people, teaching staff, and alumni. A video called “GDUFSer Fight Against Epidemic” opened the ceremony to a great round of applause.

GDUFS 2020 Teachers’ Day Award Ceremony

SUI Guangjun, on behalf of the university leadership, expressed his utmost respect and heartfelt gratitude to all faculty members as well as front-line staff engaged in epidemic prevention and control. What’s more, SUI summarized GDUFS’s achievements in teaching and epidemic prevention over the past year. Meanwhile, he put forward three expectations for the development of GDUFS. Firstly, keep cultivating patriotic, creative, and responsible high-quality international talent. Secondly, every staff member should build a sense of responsibility and take the initiative to promote the development of GDUFS. Thirdly: seize opportunities, strive for excellence, and spare no effort to open up new prospects for education. In addition, SUI mentioned that 2020 marks the 55thanniversary of the founding of GDUFS. He hoped that all staff members will work together to build this high-level university with distinctive international features.

A speech delivered by SUI Guangjun

A commendation by SHI Youqi

SHI Youqi shared the stories of the faculty over the past year in his speech. And he said, 2020 is a decisive year to comprehensively building a better society, as well as a tough year to carry out the fifth round of subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, he expected all the teachers to be dedicated to their jobs and struggle for greater achievements constantly.

WANG Tinghui hosted the ceremony

JIAO Fangtai announced the award list

JIAO, vice president, announced a number of important projects and awards in the fields of teaching and scientific research, as well as the list of collectives and individuals who won honors at or above the municipal level over the past year.

Award ceremony for advanced collectives

Award ceremony for outstanding foreign teachers

School leaders presented retiree representatives with certificate of honor

Teaching staff celebrated Teachers’ Day together delightfully