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A Letter Written to Praise An International Student of GDUFS From the Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Time:July 23, 2020  Author:Christine Qin  Editor:王梦羽  Source:From the GDUFS News Website   Photo:

Recently JiangYan, Chinese ambassador to Uzbekistan, wrote a letter to salute Guo Moruo, an international student at GDUFS, for quietly providing support and help for the cooperation between the two countries to fight against the epidemic.

The letter from the Chinese ambassador to Uzbekistan

In February of this year, when China met with its hardest time in the fight against the epidemic, Guo went against the tide. He took several flights within ten days and traveled twice between the two countries to assist Guangzhou in fighting the epidemic. To fully support his "second hometown", he purchased nearly 30,000 masks at his own expense and sent them to Guangzhou by carrying them on his back and shoulders.

Guo Moruo brought back supplies from Uzbekistan to Guangzhou

In April, he came forward at a critical juncture in the fight against the COVID-19 in Uzbekistan, acting as an interpreter for the Joint Working Team from China to Uzbekistan. Over ten days, he accompanied them to visit dozens of medical and health institutions in nearly half of the states and cities of Uzbekistan, covering all the worst-affected areas.

Guo Moruo (on thebackrow, the first one from the right), an interpreter for the Joint Working Team from China to Uzbekistan to fight against the epidemic

Recently, Guo Moruo and his wife established second Chinese teaching center to be founded in their hometown. They raised funds to decorate classrooms and buy books and reference materials, actively promoted the opening of Chinese courses in primary and secondary schools in Uzbekistan, and made efforts to be advocates and disseminators of China-Uzbekistan friendship.

Chinese teaching center

Guo Moruo's story of love and dedication fully reflects GDUFS's approach to training international students with a belief in “Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”, and shows GDUFS's “Virtuous, Talented, Compassionate, Righteous” spirit.