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Confucius Institute of Sapporo University Revisits GDUFS

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On March 6, GDUFS welcomed a group of Japanese friends from the Confucius Institute of Sapporo University. This Institute is the first overseas Confucius Institute established with the help of Guangdong Province. It also came into being with the support of the Office of Chinese Language Council and Sapporo University.



Group photo of guests (1 to 4 from left) and hosts


Before the Council Meeting, President Xu Zhenhua met with Mr. Tatsuya, Chairman of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Kazutoshi, member of the Council, Zhang Hongwei, Dean of the Confucius Institute and Mr. Manino, Deputy Director of the Administration of the Institute. President Xu looked back at the friendly exchanges between the two universities and showed his satisfaction about the cooperation, hoping that the Confucius Institute may promulgate the Chinese language in Japan and increase the mutual understanding between the two peoples and thus contribute to the promotion of excellent bilateral relations between China and Japan.


Present at the meeting also was Zhong Weihe, Vice President of GDUFS and Deputy Chairman of the Confucius Institute, Liang Xuehong, member of the Confucius Institute Council, Chen Tongsheng, Vice Dean of the Confucius Institute, and Jiao Fangtai, Director of GDUFS' International Office.



The Council Meeting


During the Council Meeting, several agenda points were considered and the following decisions were made:

  1. Jiao Fangtai was elected as a member of the Institute;
  2. GDUFS shall send teachers to teach Chinese at the Confucius Institute, Sapporo University.

After a general introduction to the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University, the members of the Council discussed the planning and budget for 2007 as well as the constitution of the Institute.


In 2007, the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University will provide Chinese Language courses, from basic level to intermediate level, and courses on Chinese trade. In addition, lectures on how to pass the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Test --- a Chinese examination, and on Chinese history and culture will be given.


Sapporo University is committed to the promulgation of Chinese culture, promoting substantial exchanges between Guangdong Province and Hokkaido, thus facilitating cultural exchanges between the two countries. Since GDUFS established cooperative relations with Sapporo University in 2000, the two sides have made frequent exchanges, and great success has been achieved. To deepen the friendship between GDUFS and Sapporo University, the Chairman of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Tatsuya, proposed that Sapporo University donate one million Japanese Yen to GDUFS to buy banyan trees and some stone stools from Phoenix Mountain.


In the afternoon, President Xu, Vice President Zhong and the Head of the university's CPC committee Lu, accompanied the representatives of the Confucius Institute, Sapporo University, to plant trees from Phoenix Mountain on the South Campus. 


On the tree planting occasion, President Xu explained the importance of planting banyan on campus: "Banyan in Sanskrit is written as Bohdi. It is a tree of consciousness, knowledge and wisdom. It represents a state of mind achieving supreme enlightenment. To plant these trees is to provide a good environment for the students. I hope they can get refreshed while sitting under these trees."



Visiting the Library


After the tree planting ceremony, the Japanese guests paid a visit to the Administration Building, the Laboratory Building and the Library on the South Campus.