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HK Friends Revisit GDUFS

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On March 21, a delegation of Guangzhou and Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association (GHYEPA) visited the South Campus of GDUFS and had an exchange meeting with GDUFS teachers and students. The attendees included Yi Zhongyong (Vice Dean of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of GDUFS), Che Xiaozhen (CPC Secretary of the School of Art), Lin Yunfeng (President of GHYEPA), Li Dihua and Jiang Junwen (Vice Presidents of GHYEPA), Lin Anhua (Chairman of GHYEPA), Pan Jingmao (Secretary General of GHYEPA) and Ye Jingwen (Counselor of GHYEPA). More than 10 students benefiting from sholarships of the Guangzhou and Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association arrived at the meeting well ahead of time. The meeting itself started at 14:00.


Hong Kong friends and beneficiary students


It is the second time for the delegation of GHYEPA to visit GDUFS since the scholarship awarding ceremony early last term. Their aim is to create a chance for the Hong Kong benefactors and the students to communicate face to face. Yi Zhongyong spoke on behalf of the teachers and students of GDUFS to extend welcome to the members and friends from GHYEPA and thanks to the benefactors. With the help of the Hong Kong charitarians, many students overcame economic difficulties and are able to focus on study.


 Face-to-face talk with Hong Kong friends


Then, Lin Yunfeng gave a brief introduction to the establishment and development of GHYEPA. He said that the scholarships, the key job of GHYEPA, had been run for 3 years with delightful results. The initiator of the scholarships, Mr. Ye Jingwen, was happy to visit the beautiful GDUFS campus again and expressed hope for the future. Che Xiaozhen also proposed two expectations--more exchange programs and a better future for all. He also praised the teaching environment and excellent study conditions at GDUFS. After the meeting, Yi Zhongyong invited the Hong Kong friends to a walk around the campus during which the latter had friendly talks with the students.


Source: GDUFS News Website