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Norwegian Consul Visits GDUFS

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April 1 -Visiting GDUFS for the first time, Tormod C. Endresen, Consul General from Royal Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou, met with GDUFS Vice Party Secretary Chen Jianping at the North Campus. Also at the meeting were International Office Director, Jiao Fangtai and Dean of the Faculty of English Language and Culture, Liu Yan.   

 group photo

With a brief introduction to GDUFS, Chen Jianping warmly welcomed the guests. He stated that in terms of foreign languages majors, GDUFS, with an internationalization strategy, is nearly equal to the Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Shanghai International Studies University. He also expressed that Guangzhou is a city, in some ways, that is typically considered a reflection of China's development. Aiming to improve the relationship between GDUFS and Norwegian universities, Chen Jianping is currently seeking more support from the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou.


Chen Jianping talking with Mr. Endresen

Mr. Endresen expressed his appreciation, as well pointed out that with a closer relationship between China and Norway, an increasing number of Chinese students will be able to go to Norway for further study.  As well, there will also be an influx of Norwegians travelers coming to China to experience elements of its tradition and modernization.

After the meeting, in response to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Mr. Endresen discussed low carbon lifestyle and residential living environment, with the audience   from the Faculty of English Language and Culture.




Source: GDUFS News Website