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Delegation of EU to China Evaluates GDUFS China-EU Project

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May 9 - The Delegation of the European Union to China conducted an ex-post evaluation of the GDUFS China-EU Project for European Studies on April 29th.  Ms. Reichwein, an independent evaluator, was warmly greeted by Chen Jianping, GDUFS CPC Vice Secretary and Director of the China-EU Centre for European Studies (CES), and Gu Yeli, GDUFS Vice President. The meeting was also attended by International Office Vice Director Liang Jie, CES Vice Director Cai Hong, CES teachers Pr. Lin Dandan, Dr. Zheng Laxiang, and A.P. Wang Xiaohai, the Vice Director of the GDUFS Scientific Research Department. They were joined by postgraduate students from the European Studies Faculty. The evaluation focused on the sustainable development of European Studies at GDUFS since the China-EU Project closure.



Mr. Gu Yeli presenting souvenirs to M. A. C. Reichwein


Mr. Gu Yeli welcomed Ms. Reichwein on north campus. He stated that the implementation of the China-EU Project has brought about new impetus to the strategic development of the school. According to Mr. Gu Yeli, the Masters Program in European Studies launched injects new life into the education of international personnel at GDUFS. In addition, noteworthy scholastic achievements on European Studies have been made while increasing academic exchanges between colleges in China and Europe.  This has contributed a great deal to the internationalization of GDUFS.


Mr. Gu Yeli went on to emphasize that the European Studies Faculty at GDUFS is playing a crucial role in a variety of academic fields and policy areas. Therefore, more effort will be made to improve studies, so as to further its contribution to the government and society. He also expressed his hope for continued support from the Delegation of European Union to China to the European Studies in GDUFS, now an indispensable part of the Guangdong International and Strategic Studies. Ms. Reichwein approved, remarking that it is what the EU Project had been created for.



The meeting


Ms. Cai Hong then presented a theme report entitled The Recent Development of European Studies in GDUFS (2008-2010). She pictured the future of China-EU project by angling the report towards eight aspects: school investment, CES management, the Master Program in European Studies, the building of teaching and research teams, scholastic achievements and project application, information service, relationships with the government and the media, and international exchange. She followed by extending the hope for further support from EU, as well as financial aid. After the report, Ms. Reichwein had an in-depth talk with attendees.



Mr. Chen Jianping meeting with Ms. Reichwein


At noon, Mr. Chen Jianping met with Ms. Reichwein. He remarked that GDUFS will continue its efforts to carry on European Studies and China-EU projects. He commented that it is the international situation that calls for a further step in European Studies to strengthen interaction and create synergy between Guangdong and EU countries. He looked forward to more diverse academic communications between colleges in GDUFS and EU countries to strengthen the bonds. Mr. Chen Jianping also expected that more importance to be attached to the sustainable development of European Studies in China by the EU.


Ms. Reichwein appreciated both the striking sustainable development of the GDUFS European Studies and its defined perspective after the China-EU Project closure. She also thought highly of the organization of the project and the high quality of the postgraduate students majoring in European Studies.


Source: GDUFS News Website