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Ural University Holds Chinese Contest

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April 24 - The Confucius Institute established by Gorky Ural State University and GDUFS held its second Chinese Contest on April 24th. More than forty students participated in the contest. Many distinguished guests attended the activity including visitors from the Chinese Consul General to Catherine Fort, Xie Jinying and Vice President Vladimir Venediktovich from Gorky Ural State University. The Chinese Contest was also an important part of the "Chinese Year" of the Confucius Institute.


Xie Jinying and Vladimir Venediktovich welcomed the students.  They also encouraged them to learn Chinese to strengthen the Sino-Russian friendship.



Group photo of the winners.


Separated into basic and intermediate levels, the contest included written examination and an oral segment.   During the speech contest, competitors talked about their experiences in China or introduced one of the festivals in China, showing their interest in Chinese culture. The plays "The Cock and Fox" and "Family of Luck" were appreciated by the audience.



Our "Family of Luck"



The talk show


President Sergei Smirnov of the Confucius Institute awarded the winners of the contest. After the contest, students had the chance to talk with teachers about learning Chinese.



Group photo of Xie Jinying and competitors


More than one year after its establishment, the Confucius Institute of Gorky Ural State University has become an important Chinese institute in Ural. The Confucius Institute has made great contributions to cultural communication between China and Russia.

Source from: GDUFS News Website.