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Professor Cai Jincheng Visits Indonesia

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Sep 4 - Professor Cai from the Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures Department went to Indonesia to visit his friend, the President of Indonesia last month. He was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the anniversary celebration for Indonesian Independence Day. Professor Cai attended as a PRESIDENTIAL FRIEND OF INDONESIA and presented at the 65th anniversary celebration for the Independence of Indonesia on August 17th.


The opening ceremonies were held with presentations made by the Indonesian President and other chief political leaders. The celebration also included activities including a flag-raising ceremony which was performed by the army honor guard as well as a celebration dinner. Thousands of representatives from different places around the world witnessed this sacred event.However,only 23 representatives shared in the honor of being invited as a friend of the Indonesian President. These friends came from 16 countries including China, America, Australia, Germany, England, Russia, Japan and Korea.


The celebration dinner was particularly delightful. The President and Vice President with the help of their wives killed the fattened calf in the Presidential Palace. The dinner was coupled with various performances to teach the visitors about the unique culture and art of Indonesia.



A photo of the delegates


Professor Cai had the opportunity to deliver a speech on the cultural communication between Indonesia and China and touched on the issue about the name of China in Indonesia. He also handed out his paper on the proposal of building up an Indonesian Language Center at GDUFS. The Secretary of State responded immediately with enthusiasm and told Professor Cai that he had done a good job on his proposal and solicited future contributions regarding cultural communications between Indonesia and China from him.



A photo of the delegation


The theme of this visit was the developing Indonesia, with a specific focus on democracy, economy and society. Aside from the actual ceremony, the Delegation had the opportunity to visit the Indonesian Business Guild Hall, an Islamic boarding school in Djakarta, the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Department, Indonesian University, and Gadjah Mada University. During these visits the Delegation met with many scholars and community leaders who gave a well-rounded view of Indonesia抯 developments.  



An amicable conversation


Professor Cai shared that the invitation from the Indonesian President showed that the Indonesian government values their friendly relationship with China and it also confirmed the achievements of Indonesian teaching in our school. Professor Cai felt that this was a good chance for the two countries to have better communication and believes that we are on the road to building a great friendship. 



A Picture Taken After the Seminar


                                                                                                                                     Source: GDUFS News Website.