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UN Official Visits GDUFS

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September 3- President Zhong Weihe met with Director Bo Penghui from the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management of United Nations (DGACM) at Yunshan Bar on Friday to discuss joint projects between GDUFS and DGACM. Zhi Xiucong, Director of Students' Affairs Division; Ping Hong, Dean of School of Interpreting & Translation Studies ; Gao Yunjian, Party Secretary and doctoral student Zhao Nan were also present in the meeting. 



Zhong Weihe and Bo Penghui in discussion


School of Interpreting & Translation Studies was honored to invite Mr. Bo to deliver a speech. The theme was Translation of the UN Security Council and General Assembly. Before the lecture, Dean Ping Hong presented souvenirs to Mr. Bo. The lecture was well attended as lots of students actively participated.



Ping hong(left) presenting souvenirs to Bo Penghui(right)


During the two-hour lecture, Mr. Bo shared his translating experience that he has accumulated in the 26 years of working at the United Nations, and with the help of detailed cases, he introduced the specific situation of United Nations Security Council and the Translation of the General Assembly.


At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Bo briefly introduced the characteristics and range of the work in the United Nations Conference. He indicated that the concerning issues of verbatim record work of the United Nations Conference are broad. Besides record of conferences, the work includes editing, re-translating and revising of non-English materials like Chinese. As for English materials, translating and revising target languages are required. In addition, due to the heavy workload and short time limit of recording and translating, the workers must possess a relatively high professional ability and comprehensive quality.


Mr. Bo talking about translation work in UN 

Later, with the help of detailed document translating cases in the United Nations, Mr. Bo stressed five the most common problems of translating in the United Nations: collocation, understanding/choice of words, understanding/structure, literal translation , and word order.

This lecture was simple but profound, giving the audience a better understanding of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. Many students expressed that they benefited a lot.



Source: GDUFS News Website