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Vice President of University of Birmingham Visits GDUFS

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October 20 - Vice President Edward Peck from the University of Birmingham visited GDUFS on October 15th with his delegation including Edward Hackett, Director of the International Department, Paul Jackson, Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management, David Dickinson, Dean of the School of Business, Susan Hens, Dean of the School of English Drama and American Research, and Ma Bin, Project Principal of the International Department. GDUFS Vice President Fang Fanquan met with the distinguished guests at the north campus. Also in attendance were Jiao Fangtai, Head of the Office of International Exchanges, Li Yongning, Researcher for the Guangdong Research Institute for International Strategies, Sun Jianjun, Executive Director of the MBA Center, Zeng Yuran, Assistant Dean of the School of Management, Liu Huiying, Assistant Dean of the School of English and Education, and Wu Yiming, Assistant Director of the MBA Center. Both sides shared their opinions in a wide range of issues such as student抯 exchange and cooperation in scientific research.


  The meeting


Vice President Fang extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and gave a brief introduction of GDUFS. He said that GDUFS is a teaching and research university that specializes in international studies with an emphasis of the combination of specialties and English. He hopes that GDUFS can cooperate extensively with the University of Birmingham in such fields as student exchange programs and cooperative study.


Vice president Fang making a brief introduction of GDUFS


Later, Vice President Peck shared about the history of the University of Birmingham. Established in 1900, the University of Birmingham received its first Chinese student in 1907. Since then, it has maintained good cooperative relationships with Chinese universities and institutions. As one of top one hundred universities, the University of Birmingham enjoyed a high degree of internationalization with 25% of oversea students! Vice President Peck said he appreciates GDUFS's teaching style of combining specialties and English and hopes to cooperate with GDUFS in even more fields of study.


University of Birmingham willing to discuss with GDUFS on cooperation issues


Vice President Peck also pointed out that the University of Birmingham would like to discuss cooperative expansion in the following three aspects: (1) Cooperation with the School of English and Education on program "4+1" and program for teachers' further education; (2) Cooperation with schools which have interests in students exchange programs and short-term study in foreign countries; and (3) Cooperation with the Guangdong Research Institute for International Strategies on research program.


Representatives of two universities exchanging souvenirs


Source:GDUFS News Website