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GDUFS Vice President Visit Partner Institutions in Germany and the UK

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November 6 - Vice President Fang Fanquan visited four partner institutions at the end of October (three in Germany and one in the UK). They discussed their current partnership and ways to expand future cooperation. They also signed relevant agreements.


His first stop was Germany, where he signed cooperation agreements.


On October 25th, the delegation visited Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The delegation met with Professor Bernd Camphouse Business School and the international project leader Henri de Jongste. Professor Camphausen spoke highly of the exchange program between our School of English for International Business and his school. He hoped to push forward the proposed exchange of undergraduate students and to discuss dual-degree programs on both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Subsequently, the delegation met with the president of Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Professor Wilhelm Schwick. They re-signed the cooperation agreement between the two universities.



During the conference


Delegation and leaders of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts Business School


On October 26th, the delegation came to visit the University of Siegen Germany where they met with the Director of the International Office Jochen Eickbusch. Mr. Eickbusch introduced the basic situation of the Siegen University and expressed appreciation for the exchange project. Finally, he shared his desire to develop new partnerships in other areas with GDUFS.


Delegation and leaders of the Siegen University


On October 27th, the delegation visited the Wurzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences (WSUAS). They talked with Peik Bremer the Director of Logistics Management at the Schweinfurt campus. Mr. Bremer introduced that the WSUAS was one of the best departments. It cooperated actively with the well-known local German companies to provide the students with real case studies. After the meeting, the delegation went to Wurzburg campus and met Vice President Dr. Manfred Kiesel. The two sides signed a memorandum of partnership and student exchange framework agreement.


Delegation and the logistics managements of the Wurzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences


Mr. Fang and the the Vice President Dr. Manfred Kiesel signing the agreement


Vice President Fang's next stop was the UK. On October 28th to 29th the delegation came to the University of Central Lancashire UK. Ms Angela Murphy, executive vice president extended a warm welcome to the delegation. During the discussion, leaders of several faculties exchanged views with our delegates on expanding and deepening the partnership on a constructive level.


Mr.Fang and the President of the Central Lancashire University signing agreements


The President of the Central Lancashire University Malcolm McVicarand and Mr. Fang signed a framework agreement about cooperation projects for students pursuing their Ph.D. This will provide a unique way to expose our Ph.D. stduents to management. It also marks a new stage of the long-term friendly and cooperative relations with Lancashire.


Delegation and students from GDUFS in the Central Lancashire University


Source: GDUFS News Website