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Guangzhou Witnesses Asian University Presidents Forum

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From November 12th to the 14th, Guangzhou witnessed the Asian University Presidents Forum. This was sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Guangzhou Municipal Government, and was organized by the Bureau of Education of Guangzhou Municipality.


Presidents took pictures to mark the occasion


President Zhong Weihe was invited to the forum, together with over 80 university presidents from more than 20 Asian countries and regions. They conducted dialogue under the theme 揂sian Higher Education and Regional Economic and Society Development? They had discussions on both the opportunities and challenges that Asia is faced with.


State Councilor Liu Yandong gave a speech


Chinese State Councilor Ms. Liu Yandong gave a speech at the opening ceremony where she congratulated the Chinese government on holding the forum. Ms. Liu offered her analysis on the position of Asia in international economic and political situations. "Amid the tremendous changes the world is now going through", she said, "Asian countries ought to respect and cooperate with each other so that harmonious development can be achieved."


"Universities are a cradle of new knowledge, new ideas and new technologies", Ms. Liu continued. She also proposed that Chinese universities invest more to promote reform and innovation in higher education.


During the forum, speeches were delivered by both foreign and domestic university presidents, and a cooperation agreement was signed by the presidents. GDUFS also renewed Understanding Memorandum on Cooperation with Paichai University of Korea Republic. Facilitating exchange and calibration among Asian universities ?this was a significant achievement of the forum.

GDUFS and Korea Pai Chai University renewed the MOU

President Zhong Weihe and teachers working at the forum


GDUFS had a strong presence at the forum. The International Office was in charge of receiving university presidents from Iraq and Kuwait, and all the interpreting work was undertaken by interpreters from the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies.


Interestingly, the forum coincided with the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games on November 12th, so all the university presidents were invited to enjoy the ceremony. 

Source: GDUFS News Website