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Queens College of CUNY Visits GDUFS

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November 28--- On November 22, William McClure, Chairperson of the Department of Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures from Queens College for the City University of New York (CUNY) visited GDUFS, to consult on its partnership with GDUFS on the establishment of its Confucius Institute,. Fang Fanquan, Vice-President of GDUFS, and Jian Fangtai, Director of the International Office, welcomed the distinguished guest.


During their meeting, Director Fang Fanquan spoke about GDUFS?partnerships with universities from Japan, Russia and Peru built on the foundation of their Confucius Institutes. All these Confucius Institutes are running well and have achieved great results in spreading Chinese culture as well as in improving the friendship between schools. Similarly, GDUFS shared its appreciation for the partnership with CUNY and hopes they will take advantage of GDUFS' rich experience in running Confucius Institute when implementing it at their university. William McClure expressed his wish for Queens College to establish a partnership between the two univesrities on the Confucius Institute.



Director Fang and Chairperson William McClure


Before the meeting, William McClure met Liang Xuehong, Dean of the Institute of Education for International Students, to exchange ideas on the short-term studies of students from Queens College at GDUFS.

Source: GDUFS News Website