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Visiting Scholars Took Part in the 5th Asian-Pacific Regional Job Morale Seminar

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November 26th - Four scholars from GDUFS went to Australia and took part in the 5th Asian-Pacific Regional Job Morale Seminar held in the Business Department of University of Queensland, and contributed two theses at the seminar.


Scholars from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and Australia had discussions on topics including Emotional Intelligence Measurement, Emotional Mentality and Leadership, and Tease and Assault at Work. Neal Ashkanasy and Charmine Haertel, Senior Professors at the Business School of the University of Queensland co-chaired the seminar. They are both internationally famous for studying mentality.


Three professors of GDUFS


The thesis written by Ma, Feng and Zhang is entitled "An Exploration of Emotional Intelligence in Relationship to Demographic Characteristics and Job Performance: Evidence from China". The thesis discussed EQ differences between the only child and children who have brothers and sisters,  the factors that contribute to such differences, and the relation between mental devotion and job performance.


The empirical study, which was based on the example of MBA from GDUFS, found a significant difference in EQ between the only child and children who have brothers and sisters. It seems to have much to do with the place of the child in the family, parents?educational levels, and the characteristic of the mother抯 occupation. Besides, EQ relates to job performance and mental devotion has an important effect on job performance. During the seminar, Professor Ma explained the thesis and exchanged viewpoints with foreign scholars on EQ studies and applications under the background of Chinese Social Transition and Chinese Culture. The study of Job Morale in the Business School at University of Queensland has international repercussions. It is reported that the study was finished after the three professors reached the University of Queensland, combining with the research team which originated from scientific activities.


The second thesis by Fu Guifang, titled "The Role of Teaching Self-efficacy and Achievement Goals in Job Burnout: A Study of Chinese High School Teachers", probed into the effects that educational self-efficiency sense and goal achievement have created some tiresome feelings towards working in teachers. It turns out that gender and age effect is significant while educational self-efficiency sense have distinct effects on occupational lassitude. Professor Fu also discussed with foreign professors about the working pressure among high-school teachers and the differences and similarities among different countries.

It is known that the nine teachers sent to the University of Queensland by GDUFS achieved significant success by taking full advantage of the internationally top-ranked study resources and by taking part in the scientific research and educational activities since they arrived at the University of Queensland in August.