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GDUFS Renewed Agreements with UFU to Promote Cooperation

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November 15-On November 14th, GDUFS held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony with Ural Federal University. The two University Presidents, President Zhong Weihe and President Victor Koksharov, met on the North campus. They renewed the cooperation agreement which further promotes the inter-school cooperation and the construction of the Confucius Institute.


During the conference, President Zhong warmly welcomed the guests attending the meeting, and described the history, development and training model of our school. He pointed out that GDUFS upholds international education as a significant strategy. Besides, it's the base of International Strategy Talents of China. Meanwhile, he said that it was honorable to cooperate with Ural Federal University. Though we've already had teacher and student exchange programs, we still hope to have more academic exchange opportunities to achieve more fruitful results.



The two sides discussed the details of the agreement


President Koksharov expressed his thanks for the warm reception. Also, he described the present status of UFU and the Confucius Institute and hopes to take the Confucius Institute as a platform to further strengthen cooperation between the two universities. What's more, he sincerely invited President Zhong and other colleagues to visit Yekaterinburg (a sister city of Guangzhou) and UFU to commemorate the 10th anniversary of friendship between the two cities. He proposed to enhance the cooperation and exchange programs, with projects such as summer and winter camps, large-scale visiting missions, and so on.



The two sides signed an agreement


President Zhong gave a positive response to President Koksharov's proposal, and promised to send Chinese teachers to give lectures at Ural Federal University. Later, the two presidents signed a cooperation agreement and exchanged souvenirs.



Two school presidents exchanged gifts


The agreement indicated that the two schools had embarked on a more stable cooperation since the relationship was first established in 2007.


source: GDUFS News Website