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The 2020 Virtual Graduation Reaches 100K Hits

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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, June 29th 2020: This summer is beautiful and memorable, just like our online graduation ceremony. GDUFS’ 2020 graduation live-streamed via Bilibili on 29th June. It attracted 100 thousand people, including many watching from thousands of kilometers away.



Headmaster of GDUFS, SHI Youqi, is delivering a speech


During the digital ceremony, SHI Youqi, headmaster of GDUFS, delivered a speech. He praised graduates for overcome obstacles, finishing their online courses, job-hunting, defending their theses over the internet, and making their own contributions in the hassle of worldwide pandemic. He commended the class of 2020 for their contributions to the university. SHI also encouraged the graduates to sail over the hurdles in the new era.



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Given the sadness of graduating from home, SHI welcomed the class of 2020 to attend an offline graduation ceremony in the future.


The graduate representatives shared their feelings as well. WANG Mingzhe was one of them. “The happiest thing is to strive for my dreams. GDUFS was the witness to my young adulthood and happiness.” WANG said. He also stated that GDUFS has educated him about leniency, excellence, and helped him find the dreams he wants to accomplish. “Four years a GDUFSer, always a GDUFSer,” he said.



Two graduate representatives: WANG Mingzhe and Anna


Looking back to the previous four years, Anna, another graduate representative from Russia, said she had learned a lot and broadened her horizons at GDUFS. “Every story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning.” Anna gave her best wishes to GDUFS and her peer students.


During the ceremony, alumni and professors also sent their representatives to encourage graduates to fight for their bright future and gave their best wishes as well.



Singing the anthem of GDUFS


It’s the first time that GDUFS provided a virtual graduation ceremony and photoshopped graduation pictures. Left with unmatched memories, this unique ceremony finally ended. So did the university life of the graduates.


The virtual graduation ceremony