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University of Maryland sent consolation to GDUFS

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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 4th 2020: On February 25th, Robert C.Orr, Dean of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, on behalf of University of Maryland, sent a letter of consolation to SUI Guangjun, Chairman of the Broad of GDUFS, and another to SHI Youqi, President of GDUFS. Robert expressed his sincere solicitude and support to GDUFS and Chinese people for the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, where he expressed immense appreciation for the spirit of the Chinese people and their government’s efforts in battling the epidemic.


Letters from University of Maryland


Robert C.Orr expressed firm belief in cooperation and showed his support for China during its combat with the epidemic. The letter, in which also shows the spirit of helping and supporting each other during hard times, highlights the friendship between the two schools. GDUFS believes this friendship, which has gone through the hard times, will promote deeper cooperation, and thus benefits the joint growth of qualified students in international governance to serve the country and the world.


Recently, Pines, President of the University of Maryland, held an “ice-cream meeting” in the Hall of Ballroom Dancing. Junior students of the School of International Governance Innovation were invited to the meeting, during which they had a pleasant meeting with Pines. Pines expressed concern for the graduate program as well as the epidemic. He hoped that every student can stay in health both physically and mentally, and he sincerely extended his greetings to their friends and parents. What’s more, Pines expressed that the University of Maryland would be glad to offer help to students who were in trouble and to overcome the difficulties together. He called for those who are in need to feel free to contact the school at any time.


Pines and student representatives of GDUFS


Since cooperation between the two schools commenced in 2016, the School of International Governance Innovation has taught over 300 masters in total. GDUFS has sent nearly 50 excellent graduates to study for the International Governance Degrees in the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Both sides have built a close cooperative relationship and developeddeep friendship.