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GDUFS Foreign Teacher Publishes an Article in Laos to Support China’s Fight Against the Pandemic

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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 17th, 2020: According to ໜັງສືພິມປະຊາຊົນ, the Pasaxon (the People), the Central Office Newspaper of Lao People's Revolutionary Party, the Chinese Government has taken a series of strong measures to fight against the coronavirus with a high sense of responsibility since the outbreak of the epidemic. Many Laopeople expressed their concern about China. Recently, the Pasaxon received a letter from Somphay Vilaysak of National University of Laos, who is a foreign teacher of GDUFS in China. In the letter, he expressed support for the Chinese government and people in their efforts to combat the epidemic. He said, he would not only stand with all staff and students of GDUFS, but also encourage every Chinese people to fight together.


The report


Central Office Newspaper of Lao People's Revolutionary Party, ໜັງສືພິມປະຊາຊົນ, the equivalent of China Daily, has the largest circulation in Laos. Somphay Vilaysak is a Lao language teacher of the Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures at GDUFS. As China mobilized the whole country to fight against the epidemic, GDUFS teacher abroad stood with all Chinese people at every moment. They kept abreast of China’s progress in fighting the epidemic, through the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and the institute to which they belong. They also expressed their concern and support for the Chinese people and GDUFS. The encouragement and support makes the teachers and students of GDUFS feel that “the virus knows no borders; but a friend in need is a friend indeed.”


In the letter, Somphay introduced the impact of the epidemic on China and the whole world, “The health and economic impact of the outbreak on people in China and around the world is unexpected. Recently, the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(NCP) has spread around the world, affecting the development of socio-economic tourism and cultural education worldwide.” But, Somphay had great confidence in the Chinese government and people to overcome the epidemic. He said sincerely in the letter, “With the efforts of people in China and around the world, we must be able to prevent the spread of the epidemic.”


Somphay encourages Chinese students in Laos


As a teacher at GDUFS, Somphay kept his mission in mind. He said, “I am willing to fight against the epidemic with other foreign teachers, until it’s not a threat to China and to other countries.” He also took the initiative to visit Chinese students who could not return because of the epidemic. He encouraged them to maintain confidence, adjust their mind, and then fight against the epidemic even harder. With a positive attitude, he is looking forward to reuniting with his students in China.