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A GDUFS Foreign Teacher Praises China’s Fight Against the Epidemic in Indian Media

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Recently, Vivek Mani Tripathi, an Indian teacher at GDUFS, published a commentary article on the Indian website Navpravah, in which he quoted an Indian pious poet:” Temporary bitterness is necessary. It helps us recognize our real friends in the world”. He expressed his support for the Chinese government and Chinese people as they spare no efforts to fight against the epidemic, and highly praised Chinese government’s aggressive response to the outbreak of the COVID-19.


Screenshot of Vivek Mani Tripathi’s Comment on navpravah of Indian Media


Screenshot of China Media Group Report


Screenshot of Guangming Online Report


Vivek Mani Tripathi is an Indian teacher of the Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture, as well as the Faculty of Asian and African Studies (under preparation). Nowadays, as China’s battle against the epidemic continues, GDUFS faculty at home and abroad have stood together with the Chinese people, which proves without a doubt the power of international friendship in difficult times. Thanks to the sincere wishes from foreign teachers, we hold a firm belief that a warm current will eventually melt the ice.


Vivek Mani Tripathi at GDUFS


“The Chinese government made a commitment to completely control the epidemic, and to a considerable extent, it has been fulfilled,” said Vivek Mani Tripathi. As a college teacher, concerned with the situation of Chinese primary schools, high schools and colleges, he signaled in the article that educating activities didn’t stop because teachers used phones or computers. For example, numerous foreign college teachers who had returned home could continue their teaching tasks through these online education platforms. He also showed his firm belief that the Chinese government will soon totally control the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.


Finally, the Indian foreign teacher emphasized COVID-19 has become a global epidemic and the whole world must join hands to deal with it. "At the same time, we hope western countries and their media can make some positive contributions."