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E-Teaching Under Epidemic: A Thai Lecturer’s Anchoring Experience

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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, April 4th 2020: GDUFS’s online courses initiated on Monday. Due to the presence of problems of time, distance and Internet connections, it’s a whole new world for both professors and students.


Suwasin Kasempiti, a Thai lecturer from Faculty of Asian Languages and Culture, has utilized his professional broadcasting tools in Thailand and brought refreshing and interesting live courses for Chinese students.“It’s my first time teaching online.” Kasempiti says. He’s using the platform of Ding Talk and WeChat groups to teach writing, speaking and reading live classes in Thai. Kasempiti even invited some professors on trial to improve the quality of his courses.


Kasempiti’s Working Desk


Multiple instructional methods have also been applied. By introducing Thai songs and drama plots and playing games, Kasempiti can exchange insights with his students, which make Kasempiti’s e-lessons differ from traditional ones. In his opinion, it is a challenge to prepare courses that concerned with linguistic and social skills. However, he suggests that e-learning could be more creative and effective if the online resources can be used sufficiently.