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“We Fight Side By Side” ---The International Students at GDUFS Give Likes to Zhong Nanshan

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On April 15th, the Guangzhou municipal government held its 78th news interview on epidemic prevention and control. Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and an expert in respiratory medicine, had a discussion with 19 representatives of foreign nationalities in Guangzhou. Chen Zhiyuan, a Peruvian student, and Gina Eda, a Russian student, both of whom are from GDUFS, attended the activity. “One world, one fight” was the golden sentence said by Zhong in the press conference, which soon became the most popular search on the internet, and got thumbs up from the international students in our university with the response “We fight side by side”.


Zhong introduced China’s epidemic prevention and control measures as well as the latest knowledge and suggestions for epidemic prevention to the international friends present at the press conference. In the question-and-answer session, Zhong also expressed the desire that we conduct friendly exchanges with other countries and fight against the epidemic together. “One world, one fight!” he said. “We are in one world. All countries are in the same trench, fighting this global war against the epidemic. One world, one war!”


In response to the measures and suggestions on fighting COVID-19 discussed by academician Zhong Nanshan at the press conference, Chen Zhiyuan, an international student, emphasized that China is getting safer by ensuring all the measures put in place to control the spread of the epidemic. And China’s precautions are worth learning from. Meanwhile, as for the current online teaching methods, although Chen has adapted to it, he does miss his teachers and classmatesso much. And he also misses his days learning in the classroom.


Internationalstudent Chen Zhiyuan and Academician Zhong Nanshan


“Academician Zhong Nanshan vividly told us how China is fighting the coronavirus outbreak at the colloquium, which deepened the international students’ understanding on the COVID-19 outbreak and the prevention measures taken against it,” said Gina Eda.


Internationalstudent Gina Eda and Academician Zhong Nanshan