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Yunshan Youzuo cafe:A leisurely place to spend time in peace

Time:April 9, 2023  Author:Hong Weijie  Editor:Kyle Muntz,YangXin  Source:Original Content   Photo:

Editor’s note: The Yunshan Student Work-Study of GDUFS was established in September 2003. To date, it has founded 22 venues for work-study, including the Yunshan Coffee House, Yunshan Fitness Room, Yunshan Bakery and the Yunshan Images, providing nearly 2000 work-study positions for students in total. All of these economic entities are managed independently by students under the guidance of the Student Work Department. Students can hold the posts of directors, managers and employees, providing an opportunity for them to fully utilize their enthusiasm and creativity. The Yunshan Student Work-Study program achieves the dual goals of aiding students in need and cultivating entrepreneurial practice, allowing them to better engage with the market and society. This series aims to introduce the “Yunshan Work-Study Program” to better deepen appreciation and understanding of the program on campus.

Yunshan Youzuo Cafe is located in the first floor of the ninth Teaching building, which is also named the MBA building. Because of the position, few people know it yet. When sitting in the cafe, You can have a peaceful, laid-back environment and enjoy your own time. On weeknights and weekends, students and teachers often come here to order a drink, sit down and study or relax. Occasionally, you can meet students who are actively discussing group work. Everyone shares a moment of leisure in the Yunshan Youzuo Cafe.

Yunshan Youzuo cafe’s interior

“Youzuo” in Chinese means excellent service and environment. As its name, the staff here are very warm and patient. As well, the food and drink all taste good. Not only is there a great variety of coffee, but there are also delicious ice cream, cakes and milk tea. If you come to the store, the staff will also recommend you the special set menu in different seasons. For example, in spring, ham and egg toast and cappuccino are the best paring. Sometimes, there are some cats appearing and accompanying you. In summer, a cup of lemon ice coffee will escape you from the hot weather and give you a cosy afternoon. In autumn, Greek milk coffee and Oreo cake will bring you the enjoyment of taste. In winter, steaming hot pasta may satisfy your appetite.


ham and egg toast,cats and ice coffee

Yunshan Youzuo cafe is open from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday; Friday will be extended by half an hour. And 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekends. There are also monthly "movie nights". You can bring your friends to the cafe and watch a movie over a drink. On movie night, there will offer special cheap set menus. In addition, Yunshan Youzuo cafe will also hold many kinds of activities in different festivals, such as the “free of charge” activity.

Yunshan Youzuo cafe has five departments, which are finance department, beverage department, human resources department, marketing department and administration department. Each department has a clear division of labor to form Yunshan Youzuo Cafe. In their spare time, employees also get together to do activities. Examples include "winter solstice dinners" and staff meetings.

According to the staff at Youzuo Cafe, there are many impressive experiences to be had. According to one clerk, who spoke with a smile on their face: “For the first time, I could watch a movie in a coffee shop. It's very warm to enjoy a movie and eat and drink at the same time. Although the waiter's work is very demanding, it keeps me busy and happy. You can feel everyone's relationship is warming up, so enjoy this moment of warmth.”

Because the cafe is located on the first floor of the MBA building, it’s also popular among foreigner. “I remember,” said the clerk, “a foreign teacher once visited us here. We looked at each other and pieced together our English to give him an order. It's funny to think about it in hindsight. It was an amazing experience. And since it’s a chance to practice our oral English, it’s also an extra benefit.”


All in all, in the Yunshan Youzuo cafe, there is so much happy mood of the employees. And this positive sentiment will also infect the customers who come here. Everyone arrived with different emotions, but left brimming with happiness. In many cases, we all need a place where we can heal from the tiredness and bad mood of the day. Now, Youzuo Cafe is such a place, which can heal everyone's bad wounds, calm the mood. If you are looking for a place on campus where you can relax and enjoy your leisure time, Yunshan Youza Cafe is definitely the place to go.