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Yunshan Fitness Room: A Synonym for Power and Vitality

Time:April 11, 2023  Author:Cheng Wenxuan  Editor:Kyle Muntz Yangin  Source:   Photo:

Editor’s note: The Yunshan Student Work-Study program of GDUFS was established in September 2003. To date, it has founded 22 venues for work-study, including the Yunshan Coffee House, Yunshan Fitness Room, Yunshan Bakery and Yunshan Images, providing nearly 2000 work-study positions for students in total. All of these economic entities are managed independently by students under the guidance of the Student Work Department. Students can hold the posts of director, manager and employee, providing an opportunity for them to fully utilize their enthusiasm and creativity. The Yunshan Student Work-Study program achieves the dual goals of aiding students in need and cultivating entrepreneurial practice, allowing them to better engage with the market and society. This series aims to introduce the “Yunshan Work-Study Program” to better deepen appreciation and understanding of the program on campus.

  Located on the second floor of the Sports Building on the Baiyun Mountain Campus, the Yunshan Fitness Room offers students and teachers an excellent place to exercise with wide  range of facilities, including elliptical machines, spinning bikes, and dumbbells. Moreover, it offers three dance rooms for group exercise classes.


Yunshan Fitness Room

The Yunshan Fitness Room is usually open from 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm, except during winter and summer vacation and some holidays. The employees are organized into four departments: administration, marketing, accounting, and coaching. Staff members assist customers in registering for fitness cards and checking out. Coaches assist customers with fitness facilities. Employees have free access to the facilities and the fitness room hires external coaches to provide professional and personalized training.  

To encourage more people to exercise, Yunshan Fitness Room often launches programs for experiencing exercise and fitness card discounts. One employee from SEIB commented, "Working at Yunshan Fitness Room has motivated me a lot. Customers visit us regularly, and my colleagues are also sports enthusiasts.” Ryan, a customer from SEIB, praised the fitness room, saying, “Yunshan Fitness Room is like a community that offers considerate services to customers, and we encourage each other to exercise. It is a synonym for power and vitality.”

Indoor environment

Apart from providing exercise space and equipment, Yunshan Fitness Room also offers private and group classes to meet the diverse needs of customers. Private classes collect customers’ requirements through online questionnaires. After receiving and analyzing the requirements, the coach will contact the customer and customize private classes for them. Group classes such as jazz, choreography, breaking, and yoga, offer an affordable and fun way to work out. Last semester, Yunshan Fitness Room cooperated with TGC, a dancing club of GDUFS, to give dancing classes. Now Yunshan Fitness Room also offers zero basis dancing classes.

In addition to its offline basic service, Yunshan Fitness Room's official account also regularly releases useful articles, videos, and fitness clocking activities to help promote health and fitness knowledge among its followers.


Fitness knowledge sharing from the official account


The clocking activity

To accommodate more customers and provide a better indoor environment, Yunshan Fitness Room is temporarily closed for renovation. It will soon reopen with more advanced facilities and a larger capacity, catering to the rising demand for a healthy lifestyle among students and staff at GDUFS. We look forward to Yunshan Fitness Room's new look and welcome more people to join us in fostering a healthy campus culture.