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Yunshan Full House: Passes Love to All

Time:March 15, 2023  Author:Huangs Huihong  Editor:Kyle Muntz,YangXin  Source:Original Content   Photo:From the Full House

Editor’s note: The Yunshan Student Work-Study of GDUFS was established in September 2003. To date, it has founded 22 venues for work-study, including the Yunshan Coffee House, Yunshan Fitness Room, Yunshan Bakery and the Yunshan Images, providing nearly 2000 work-study positions for students in total. All of these economic entities are managed independently by students under the guidance of the Student Work Department. Students can hold the posts of directors, managers and employees, providing an opportunity for them to fully utilize their enthusiasm and creativity. The Yunshan Student Work-Study program achieves the dual goals of aiding students in need and cultivating entrepreneurial practice, allowing them to better engage with the market and society. This series aims to introduce the “Yunshan Work-Study Program” to better deepen appreciation and understanding of the program on campus.

Situated by Xiangsi River, the Yunshan Full House enjoys a prime location that is a must for students to commute. Have you ever wished there was a business that would help you—for free—with many of life’s little problems? Well, that’s the Yunshan Full House.

Full House, established in 2003 as Yunshan Boutique House, is a destination for GDUFS students to get help with many of life’s small inconveniences. In total, between 2022 and 2023, students received help with sewing 1837 times, computer repairs 915 times and umbrella-and-portable-charger-borrowing 2051 times.

Outward Appearance of Full House

Full House is divided into parts including the Office, the Accounting Dept., the Promotions Dept., etc., among which the Voluntary Sewing Dept. and the Voluntary Computer-repairing Dept. provide people with convenience directly, rather than forcing them to seek help outside the school. “Full House is so nice,” Xiao Feng, a freshman from the FELC said. “Whenever I walk in it, I just feel at home. It also enables me to live a more convenient life.”

In addition to its basic service, Full House carries out non-profit events regularly. For instance, there are online lessons updated on the Full House's official account to share tips for sewing and computer operating respectively. You can not only browse them for "free" but also feel "free" to utilize them well.

Episodes of the Computer-operating(left) and Sewing(right) Online Lessons

Xiao Zhang, a student in the FELC, made a shoulder bag from an old shirt for her mother this Women’s Day by following one of the online lessons, which won her praise for being eco-friendly as well as attentive. Meanwhile, Full House held a program of old-clothes recycling to build cat beds for kittens in Guangwai last semester. In total 1420 kg of clothes were recycled, which equates to a reduction of 5,112 kg of CO2 emissions. Students who were involved spoke highly of the program.

With its policy of passing love to all people, Full House will keep on helping people in the future without expecting anything in return.