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International Faces in GDUFS

【World · GDUFS】LI Xiaoshan : China, I Cannot Stop Loving You

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Editor: GDUFS is a high – level university with distinctive international feature, committed to cultivating international talents with open minds and great ambitions.


GDUFS News has launched its “World · GDUFS” column for foreign students and teachers to present their experiences in China and at GDUFS, and for GDUFSers to share their reflections on study overseas, establishing a communication platform between the world, China and GDUFS.


The first article recommended by the Institute for International Education talks about GDUFS and China in the eyes of a foreign student.


China, I Cannot Stop Loving You


I’m LI Xiaoshan from Egypt, a graduate from the Chinese Department of Ain Shams University. Our school is not a well – known, but as the old saying goes, “No matter how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy.” I have been in China for a full month. It’s not really my first time in China as a student, I studied one year in Chinese Department of Nanjing University which made me learn a lot. The most valuable lesson in what I learned is “Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind into it.” I not only learned Chinese, but learned about Chinese’s life and Chinese traditional culture. After witnessing the rapid development of China, I determined make China the place for achieving my dream. So after graduation in Egypt, I chose to return to this magnificent country to continue my graduate studies. I still need to learn more about this vast country, and China’s economy development is booming. Finally, I chose to come to GDUFS to study for the master of international business.

LI Xiaoshan


The activity of “Perception of the impression of China” led to two full – filling days. Abroad, few schools arrange such meaningful activities for foreign students. During the activity, I made friends with foreign students from all over the world. Everyone was kind, and made me feel a sense of belonging instantly.


In Shunde, we visited a successful company called lesso. We stayed in lesso for about 40 minutes and learned about the company’s products and general situation. What attracted me most is lesso’s training mechanism – New employees will be sent to a school for training before they’re formally hired, which can make new employees get into this team faster.


It’s a must to taste Shunde’s food in Shunde. When I was studying in Egypt, eating with Chinese students, they always had a low comment on Egypt’s food, which made me feel little uncomfortable. After tasting authentic Chinese food in this gourmet enthusiast’s paradise, I understood the feelings of Chinese students in Egypt. It’s not that our Egyptian food isn’t good. It’s Chinese food that really delicious. The patterns of Chinese cuisine are endless.


The next day, we went to the Guangdong Museum, inside are all kinds of exhibits. The building of the Guangdong Museum uses a reinforced concrete core tube to carry the huge steel truss suspension structure system. The shape is like a carved treasure box. This design idea originated from the Guangdong traditional handicraft – ivory ball. The museum ‘s spatial organization is like an ivory ball hollowed out with layers of interiors. The exhibition Hall, Corridor, atrium and the overall structure proceed, from the inside to the outside layer by layer. Listening to the narrator about the history of cultural relics in the museum, it reminded me that China and Egypt are both one of the world’s four most ancient civilizations with long histories and splendid civilizations.


After lunch, we went to the amazing Yanyunxi community in Beijing road and experienced the vicissitudes of the old urban areas of China. It was like going back to the 1960s. Geographical development, political events, economic changes and cultural heritage in Guangzhou can all be found amazingly in the names of the streets around us.


Thanks GDUFS for arranging such a meaningful activity. “China, I cannot stop loving you.”