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International Faces in GDUFS

[Farewell to GDUFS] Kuwabara Hideya: GDUFS is My Second Homeland

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Editor: The graduation season is coming again.This time, not only will students leave GDUFS, but also some teachers will bid farewell to this campus. This series focuses on three foreign teachers — Richard Johnson, Matthew Horn and Kuwabara Hideya — who are about to leave China. The three respectable teachers have been at GDUFS for at least 12 years, devoted themselves to the educational cause and achieved many honors, making them a favorite with their students. Before their departure, they would like to relate to us their stories at GDUFS and also in China in this series.



The coldness which followed the heavy rain had already faded, leaving only the burning sun hanging in the sky, dense with dry and warm air. A camera had been set up in the Reception Hall of the Administration Building, waiting for Kuwabara Hideya, a Japanese teacher. With a warm smile on his face, Kuwabara Hideya showed up at the door of the Reception Hall. He wore a blue short-sleeved shirt, neat black suit trousers and polished tan leather shoes, which made him look fresh and youthful. Entering the Reception Hall, he greeted everyone in both Japanese and Chinese.


Kuwabara Hideya is speaking in a forum


His attitude toward education


In the 21st century, China-Japan ties have further developed, proof of the two-side cultural exchanges can be seen everywhere in life. Teacher Kuwabara Hideya is one of the beneficiaries of it. Before working at GDUFS, he had been nurtured about Chinese culture. Once he heard the name of GDUFS, he became interested in this university. In 2006, he packed up his luggage and travelled 2,000 kilometers away from Japan to Guangzhou, a booming city in the southeast of China. He might not have realized that he would teach here for 12 years.


During his years of teaching, teacher Kuwabara Hideya encountered the situation of teachers leaving their jobs. In the face of this job-hopping trend, he was determined to stay. He said:“For a teacher, the most important thing is to be responsible for the students, so I chose to stick to my post.” With the great sense of duty, he had won the love and esteem of his students.


His impression toward China


Teacher Kuwabara Hideya has long regarded China as his second homeland. He met his wife at GDUFS many years ago. As they knew more about each other, they fell in love and got married. Because his wife is from Sichuan, teacher Kuwabara Hideya visits Sichuan every year. On the way to Sichuan through these years, he noticed the great development of China. Before, cars and planes were the main means of transportation to Sichuan. Now, the high-speed train is the mainstream choice. Besides Guangzhou and Sichuan, he had left footprints in Shenzhen and Shanghai, witnessing the dramatic changes of China. He said: “I am glad to see that the whole of China is in a high state of development. Hopefully, China will have an even better future!”


Kuwabara Hideya


His best wishes toward us


Before leaving China,Kuwabara Hideya wanted to express gratitude to the teachers and his colleagues, hoping that they would make more contributions to the university. Then, he conveyed his nostalgia for the students with whom he spent so many unforgettable days. He suggested that students should not only focus on theoretical knowledge and certificate exams, but also practice good manners and proper etiquette. He said: “In Japanese company, people usually value a well-behaved man. Students of GDUFS will greet their teachers with great enthusiasm wherever they meet them. I hope this good tradition will be carried forward.”


Thanks Kuwabara Hideya for his contributions to the university, and wish him good health and happiness.