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Delegation of Ural Federal University in Russia Visits GDUFS

Time:April 15, 2024  Author:SITS Translation Practice and Training Base  Editor:Xiao Man  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:

On the afternoon of April 9th, Viktor Koksharov, the President of the Ural Federal University (UrFU) in Russia, led a delegation to visit our university. They were warmly received by President Yan Xiangbin at the VIP Lounge of the Administration Building on the Baiyun Mountain Campus, with Vice President Jiao Fangtai accompanying them. Discussions focused on topics such as international talent cultivation and deepening inter-university cooperation.

President Yan Xiangbin first extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced the basic situation of GDUFS in talent cultivation and discipline construction. He emphasized the long-standing and profound cooperation between GDUFS and Ural Federal University, particularly highlighting the significant achievements in the establishment of Confucius Institutes. President Yan stressed the high importance attached by GDUFS to its cooperation with Ural Federal University, noting the enormous potential for collaboration between the two institutions. He expressed confidence that GDUFS’s abundant foreign language talents and project resources could facilitate the teaching of Chinese and the dissemination of Chinese culture in Russia. Additionally, he highlighted Ural Federal University’s profound strength in fields such as economics and sociology, which could contribute to relevant discipline construction at our university. He expressed hopes for further expanding comprehensive cooperation in joint talent cultivation, faculty and student exchanges, discipline construction, and research collaboration, aiming to jointly contribute to the cultivation of international talents and the promotion of Sino-Russian cultural exchange and educational cooperation.

Meeting Scene

President Viktor Koksharov expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and introduced the discipline construction and internationalization initiatives of Ural Federal University. He emphasized that GDUFS is an important partner of Ural Federal University, with cooperation continually deepening in areas such as the development of Confucius Institutes and academic exchanges, leading to a steady increase in the number of Chinese students studying at Ural Federal University. He proposed further deepening cultural dissemination between Russia and China through mutual translation of Russian and Chinese literary works. Looking ahead, he expressed hopes for continued mutually beneficial cooperation based on the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in the new era, guided by the Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University, to deepen friendship and promote cooperation between the two universities, creating new achievements together.

Group Photo

Representatives from GDUFS’s Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, and the Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture, were also present at the meeting.