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The Delegation of the University of Adelaide in Australia Visits Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Time:October 26, 2023  Author:SITS Translation Practice and Training Base  Editor:Yang Xin  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:

On the morning of October 19, Gao Jie(Jessica Gallagher), Vice President of External Affairs of the University of Adelaide in Australia, and her delegation visited GDUFS. Shen Minghao, Vice President of GDUFS, met with the guests in the VIP Room of the Administration Building of the Baiyunshan Campus. The two sides exchange views on talent training and deepening school cooperation.


Scene of the meeting

Shen Minghao welcomed Gao Jie and her delegation and introduced the internationalization talent training model and operation characteristics of GDUFS. He said that GDUFS is a high-level university with distinctive international characteristics and an important base for internationalization talent training in South China. GDUFS currently offers 71 undergraduate majors and a total of 31 foreign languages, making it the university offering the most foreign languages in South China. Shen Minghao emphasized that GDUFS has always adhered to the open education philosophy, introduced high-quality educational resources, and attached great importance to the joint training of students. As China and Australia continue to develop exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, and education, GDUFS is actively carrying out exchanges and cooperation with Australian universities and colleges. At present, GDUFS is cooperating with the University of Adelaide for the first time. We hope to strengthen student training, scientific research, and cultural exchanges in the future to promote cooperation with new breakthroughs and to a new level.

Gao Jie expressed her gratitude for the welcome and introduced the overview and discipline construction of the University of Adelaide. She said that GDUFS and the University of Adelaide share many similarities in development, which is an important basis for promoting cooperation. This visit gains great results and is of great significance. Gao looks forward to continuing to strengthen communication and dialogue between the two universities and building a broader platform for the high-quality development of the two universities.

Subsequently, Shen Minghao and Gao Jie signed cooperation agreements on behalf of the two schools respectively.

Signature of the cooperation agreements between the two sides

Relevant directors from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the School of English for International Business, and the School of Law attended this meeting.