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Fantastic Food Moment, Opening Ceremony of GDUFS Europa Cultural Festival

Time:April 24, 2023  Author:Wu yuxi  Editor::Kyle Muntz, Yang Xin  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

Baiyun Mountain Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, April 18, 2023:On the afternoon of April 20t, the opening ceremony of the 17th Europa Cultural Festival and Food Carnival of GDUFS was held on the Baiyun Mountain campus. Li Yunming, the Deputy Secretary of the university Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and declared its commencement. Officials from the consulate generals of Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Greece and Italy in Guangzhou participated in the event.


The 17th Europa Cultural Festival

The Europa Cultural Festival is an academic and cultural activity of the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, which is held once a year. It consists of the opening ceremony of the Europa Cultural Festival and food carnival, multilingual recitation contest, dubbing competition, and drama contest. The cultural festival integrates language learning, practical innovation, cultural activities and artistic performances. It features rich content, diverse and interesting forms, and a strong European characteristic style, with a high level of participation and engagement from students.


Li Yunming declared commencement


Opening ceremony

Both sides of the school road were filled with various European delicacies prepared by students, which were visually and aromatically appealing. There were not only traditional Russian leba and red sausage, Italian tiramisu and sparkling wine, but also French caramel pudding and parfait, and so on. Teachers and students from different language departments displayed their culinary skills without any reservation. The school road was filled with attractive fragrances and cheerful laughter.

Teachers and students prepared food

Some language departments also organized a variety of interactive cultural exchange games at the booth, such as question-answering activities to enhance participants’ understanding of European cultures while enjoying the delicacies.

Delicacies from different countries

At the event, the faculty dance team performed “Mazurka”. The school choir team highlighted the characteristics of GDUFS’s international school-running by singing the songs “to the future together” in multiple languages. “Savage Love,” performed by the school sport dance team and flash mob program, demonstrated the youthful vitality of GDUFS’s students.

Opening ceremony performance

Since 2003, the Europa Cultural Festival has celebrated its 20th anniversary. During this twenty years, the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures of GDUFS has been dedicated to introducing various European culture into campus to realize a zero-distance contact between students and European culture, allowing them to have a more extensive and profound understanding in a relaxing and joyful atmosphere, and promoting mutual understanding between Chinese and Western civilization as a means of fostering friendship.

Representatives of students and teachers from Guangzhou Foreign Languange School, English School Attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Shunde Longjiang middle school were also invited to this event, which fully displayed GDUFS’s international characteristics .

Photos of representatives

Officials from the Student Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee, the International Cooperation Department, the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, the Faculty of Asian and African Studies, and the Institute for International Education attended the opening ceremony.

Photos of audiences