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GDUFS Teacher Won the First Prize in the National College Foreign Language Teaching Competition

Time:March 13, 2023  Author:Hong Weijie  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

Baiyun Mountain Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,March 11, 2023: Recently, the results of the 13th "Foreign Teachers Club Cup" National College English Teaching Competition, held by Shanghai Foreign language Education Press, have been announced. Fan Xuying, a teacher from Faculty of English Language and Culture, won the first prize. She has gone through two rounds of fierce competition, namely “classroom teaching” and “impromptu lecture”.

Fan xuying won the first prize

In the part of “classroom teaching” , Fan Xuying drew the problem “A Walk on thin ice”. The article contains a large number of rare words and professional terms. Meanwhile, the content was far away from what students could easily understand. It has become a difficult problem for teaching design to encourage high-quality innovation within a limited time. After discussing the topic with instructor Li Huiyin, making an in-depth interpretation of the teaching units, constantly improving the teaching design and program, Fan Xuying settled on the concept of “theme leading” and being “student centered”. Finally, she got the highest score of 91.78 for her teaching process and entered the national finals as the first finalist.

Fan Xuying taught in the final as a representative of Guangdong region

In the course of lecture, Fan Xuying made an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the article "Joseph Needham and 'China Firsts' " in a limited time, which effectively reflected her advanced teaching ideas, scientific teaching procedures and innovative teaching methods. During the questioning session, Fan Xuying discussed the text content with Professor Mei Deming, which was highly praised by the judges and presented a wonderful feast of ideas about teaching for the audience inside and outside the forum.

Fan Xuying spoke in the finals as a representative of Guangdong region

In recent years, our school has continued to adhere to moral education as its fundamental principle, attach great importance to classroom teaching, actively set up a teaching team for mutual guidance, vigorously promote the development of teachers, and constantly deepen teaching reform. It has made constant efforts to improve the quality of foreign language education and cultivate its program of "four good" teachers.

The "foreign Teachers Cup" national foreign language teaching competition was founded in 2010, making it the earliest national foreign language teaching competition held in our country. Covering more than 1,000 universities across the country, the competition has won unanimous praise from foreign language circles and high praise from education authorities for its rigor, innovation, fairness and authority. In the 2022 edition of the National Teaching Development Index for Colleges and Universities officially released by the China Association of Higher Education, the "Foreign Teachers Club Cup" National College Foreign Language Teaching Competition ranked first among 56 competitions in the foreign language category.