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GDUFSer won the first prize in the National Italian Bridge Writing Competition

Time:November 9, 2022  Author:Hong Weijie  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS News Website   Photo:From the GDUFS News Website

Baiyun Mountain Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, November 11, 2022: Recently, the results of the 7th National “ITALIA CIAO / Italian Language Bridge” contest, held by the Cultural Center of the Italian Embassy in China have been announced. Li Yiqing, a student from Italian major GDUFS’ Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, has won first Prize in the postgraduate category. Zhang Haiqi, Luo Wenting and Xie Shuhua were awarded prizes in the undergraduate category.


Poster of the competition

The competition “ITALIA CIAO / Italian Language Bridge” was founded at 2014 and has been held every since during world Italian Language Week in October. At present, it is one of the most important national level competitions for Italian major students in China. The competition in 2022 focused on writing and was entitled “ L’italiano e io ” which means “Italian And Me” in Italian. It has attracted a total of 69 students from 21 universities across the country. Among them, 59 students were from the undergraduates and 10 students were from the masters students. On October 22, at the closing ceremony of the 22nd World Italian Language Week, the Cultural Section of the Italian Embassy in China held an online award ceremony. Our school’s contestants were guided by Zang Yu, MatteoBrandi and Li Jing, teachers from Faculty of European Languages and Cultures of GDUFS.


Honor certificate